Oct 31, 2013

Octoberfest 13 Winners

Happy Halloween! 

 It's the Great Pumpkin!

Thank you for being a part of Octoberfest! 
From delicious recipes to gorgeous autumn photos
 to jewelry that took my breath away,
you shared wonderful posts.

 I'd love to create a special keepsake for Octoberfest 13, 
such as a special Glossi or community recipe book.
For now, please enjoy some 
Halloween treats as my thank you! 

I've listed the treats, and then used random.org to fill in the winners name right below each prize in order. If you've won a gift certificate, please email me (toltecjewels@aol.com) or FB message me with the email you'd like your gift certificate sent to. Also, please email me with your name & address for art beads.


Blu Mudd

Blu Mudd

Blu Mudd

Blu Mudd

Jodie Marshall 

Southern Gals Designs

Congratulations everyone and thanks again!
Happy Halloween! 
xxoo Rita

Octoberfest 13 Winners :) 

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Ingrid A.

ART BEADS $10 Gift Certificate: Mischelle

Blu Mudd Art Bead: Catherine King

Southern Gals Designs Lampwork: Kathleen
Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Liz E

Blu Mudd Ceramic Art Bead:: Asri Wahyuningsih
ART BEADS $10 Gift Certificate: Dolores Raml

Blu Mudd Art Bead: Andrea Trank
Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Robin Reed
Beadfreaky ceramic Art Bead: Alicia Marinache

Blu Mudd Art Bead: Pepita

Jodie Marshall lampwork: Lennis Carrier
Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Kathy Lindemer

Lima Beads $10 Gift Certificate: Cory Tompkins

Blu Mudd Art Bead: Carol D.

Jodie Marshall lampwork: Ahowin

ART BEADS $10 Gift Certificate: Susan

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Susie Harris

Beadfreaky ceramic Art Bead: Christie Murrow

Blu Mudd ceramic Art Bead: Pam

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Vera Lynn

Blu Mudd ceramic Art Bead: Dini Bruinsma

Southern Gals Designs Lampwork: Tanya McGuire

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Shaiha Williams

Jodie Marshall lampwork: Kay Thomerson
Tori Sophia Art Beads: Kelly Hosford Patterson

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Jodie Marshall

Southern Gals Designs Lampwork: Nelly May

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Tanty Sri Hartanti

Blu Mudd Art Bead: Jennifer Reno

Lima Beads $10 Gift Certificate: Jean Yates

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Sonya Stille

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Lisa Lodge

Lea Avroch lampwork: Gina Hockett

Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Ginger Bishop

Blu Mudd Art Bead: Leah Curtis

Lima Beads $10 Gift Certificate: Karla Morgan

Beadfreaky ceramic art bead: Jasvanti Patel
Blue Mudd Ceramic Art Bead: Caroline

ART BEADS $10 Gift Certificate: Cynthia Kent Machata


Screenshot of random.org: