Apr 25, 2012

Is Anyone Up for a Color Challenge? - Daily Blogs - Beading Daily

Delica seed beads. Copyright GemFairy.

In the episode "Art" on Beads Baubles and Jewels, the colors of artwork were used to inspire color-ways for designs.  Beading Daily has found a program that will take any uploaded picture and create a color guide from the colors in the photo. The challenge is to submit a photo (your own to avoid copyright) to the Beading Daily blog by April 27 @12 pm. Three pictures will be chosen and then a jewelry making challenge will be created using the colors in the three pictures. Is Anyone Up for a Color Challenge? - Daily Blogs - Beading Daily

Apr 23, 2012

I'M NOT AFRAID OF CHALLENGES: Leading Edge Artist, Author, & Designer Fernando Dasilva

Fernando Dasilva. (All photos & designs © Fernando Dasilva. All rights reserved.)


Fernando Dasilva! Latin beat. Railroads. Brazilian heat. Harper’s Bazaar hot list. Sincerely Hot . Designs that are dramatic and sophisticated.* Style for the Menswear aficionado that breaks. down. barriers. Body art adornment. Fashion. Exhibitions. Transforming taboo. Afro-Brazilian art. Orishas. Old Hollywood. Postmodern inspirations. Lakshmi and Artemis. Sugar Daddy and Chocolate Mint. No boundaries. No fear. Just DaLiciuUs.™ Flavor.



 As an artist and designer, Fernando Dasilva is an international sensation. A native Brazilian, his work has been commissioned by many American companies -- including ACN (Jewel School), Beadalon, John Bead, and Swarovski --and has also been shown in exhibits and boutiques across the United States, including New York galleries. Dasilva is an expert artist for Jewel School, making regular LIVE guest appearances and teaching at Jewel School events as a Beadalon representative. He will be presenting the new Artistic mesh rainbow of colors during his April 22 and 23 visit on Jewel School, a product Dasilva is immensely talented at using in his innovative jewelry designs.


Make these cool wire mesh earrings with Fernando Dasilva 

You'll find beautiful new spring colors of mesh wire at Jewel School's online Fernando Dasilva Specialty Shop and video tutorial, "Fernando Dasilva creates dazzling earrings with wire mesh on Beads Baubles & Jewels" on the Jewel School Friends video tutorials page.

"Fernando Dasilva creates dazzling earrings with wire mesh on BBJ" 1602-3


 Two interviews with Dasilva -- including an interview at the Shashama Gallery in New York for "Bridging Afro-Brazilian Dieties -- the Orishas -- with Mother Nature's Four Elements" -- and a video tutorial, "Fernando Dasilva demonstrates a necklace using wire-wrapped frames" are also featured  there.


Dasilva is the author of two books: Modern Expressions and Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed, which he co-authored with Margot Potter and Katie Hacker. An excerpt from "Modern Expressions" -- a modern yet  indigenous Brazilian style necklace -- is available as a free pdf tutorial on the BBJ website.


Two of Dasilva's publications are for sale as electronic downloads at the Interweave April Sales Event: "Stringing 2005" and "Stringing 2006." Also available for pre-order is Season 16 Beads Baubles & Jewels TV (which includes Dasilva, Wyatt White, Christiane Ross, Anie Piliguian, Jackie Truty, Leslie Rogalski).


Delicate filigree components. Bead Style May'12

  Dasilva's most recent magazine publication is "Bead Style" magazine, May 2012. His gorgeous necklace is the star design and graces the cover; a design created with his special gift for rethinking and redesigning jewelry findings in new ways. Dasilva's clever use of kidney earring wires is the cover story, "Flip findings for a new focus" -- which become ingenious, perfect components when flipped to fit gemstone rondelle beads.

The issue of Bead Style magazine celebrates spring -- with Dasilva's "mixed media garden necklace" made of brass filigree colored with silver guilders paste, a design by Lori Anderson combining birds' nests, patinated chain & toggle, and the wired briolettes of Madeline Adriani Pratama -- in "Designs We Love" (pg14). Dasilva shares his thoughts on Bead Style at "Modern Expressions" his lovely, sensitive blog.


 Dasilva's talent for fashion, his special ability to redefine jewelry findings and design elements, and his mixture of diverse culture, postmodern form & classic aethetics make him one of the most admired and progressive jewelry artists today. As co-author and artist Margot Potter notes in her Amazon review of Dasilva's book, Modern Expressions: Creating Fabulous and Fashionable Jewelry with Easy-to-Find Elements, Fernando Dasilva is the "only DIY designer to have been written up in Women's Wear Daily magazine and Harper's Bazaar and is the only male Ambassador in the Create Your Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS initiative." 


In Modern Expressions: Creating Fabulous and Fashionable Jewelry with Easy-to-Find Elements, Dasilva bridges two important issues often marginalized in the handcrafted jewelry arts:  fashion design and Menswear accessories. He includes sketches of fashion ideas, stating, "the fashion sketches that accompany some of the designs are a guide to help you select the best outfits from your closet and set the right mood for your inner diva." For example, Dasilva suggests coordinating his design entitled "Hip to be Square" with a square cut neckline and dark trimmed sleeves.

Fernando Dasilva at the Shashama Gallery in New York

 As a leading edge, innovative designer, it is no surprise Dasilva's Modern Expressions include a "meanswear gallery" with designs like "casablanca memories," "sugar daddy," and "steel power" -- finally ending the taboo against gentlemen's jewelry arts and addressing the sexist ideology that handcrafted jewelry is for women only. In her Amazon book review of Modern Expressions Katie Hacker writes, "In addition to techniques, materials and step-by-step photos, this book also has a gallery of jewelry designs especially for men, which is pretty rare in beading books! Fernando's love for fashion comes through on every page." 


Get ready for summer with this hot necklace! --

Fernando Dasilva Design

Instructions for this beautiful feather necklace are on the Beadalon UK Blog

Indeed, Fernando Dasila's love for fashion comes through his every design. From his ocean-inspired first designs, to his intricate mixed media representations of the Orishas for New York Gala art events, Dasilva brings an aesthetic for the extraordinary and courage to all of his designs: "I'm not afraid of challenges," he says, "in my mind jewelry and clothing are the only true artistic expressions for transforming ideas into body adornments."


Whether treating yourself or a loved one to original Fernado Dasilva jewelry, hand creating with Modern Expressions or Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed, watching interviews or fine public television tutorials, or transforming blogs and pdfs into inspired works of your own, Fernando Dasilva will take your jewelry to the next level: where art and creation meet a locomotion of design elements and innovative possibilities riding courageously on the leading edge.

*Katie Hacker's introduction of Fernando Dasilva: "[he] specializes in dramatic and sophisticated jewelry." (Beads Baubles & Jewels Season 16, show 1602-3)

Apr 21, 2012

Meet Janet Cozzens of JKC Creations

Janet Cozzens, JKC Creations, All Rights Reserved

I began collecting art as an author almost twenty years ago. The visual and literary arts communities often came together, and through the years, my spouse and I have been able to create quite a collection of beautiful artwork for our home. Years later, life has taken me to the jewelry arts, where I am lucky to be the administrator of Jewel School Friends -- a community of  diverse jewelry artisans and experts inspired by Jewel School and jewelry arts of all kinds. I get to meet so many amazing jewelry artists! And that means getting to enjoy and even purchase beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

Handcrafted jewelry Facebook pages and Etsy shops are amazing, constant inspirations.  There is nothing quite as special as spending a quiet afternoon shopping handcrafted jewelry and incredible hand-sewn purses and bags. It's truly wonderful to support independent artists, and the items purchased are so unique: every item has its own energy that reflects the artist. Handcrafted feels as special as it looks.

Handcrafted jewelry can be amazing inside and out. Even the packaging is unique and charming, making the objects d'art not just something purchased, but gifts! Jewelry artists can be as creative with their packaging as they are their work. From Bitchin Bags' wicked good skull tape and delightful sugar skulls exclaiming "made with love" enclosing perfectly sewn, top quality cotton & leather bags, to the the soft water color prints and natural fibers of Floridity's carefully packaged lotus clay focal beads, each handcrafted package is a present.

Handcrafted artisans not only create special packaging for time given art,  they also often take time to meet their customers, create custom orders, and become friends. The first time I saw the fine wire art of Wrapped Up In Magic and fell in love with several pieces, I not only discovered the most beautiful fairy cameo (that would later become a Valentines gift from my spouse) and the very best Tree of Life pendants anywhere, I discovered an artisan who cares about her customers as she does her art. I made a wonderful friend! And as blessed as I am in meeting, knowing, and befriending incredible jewelry artists, I would like to share my good fortune by introducing the jewelry artists I meet to the Jewel School community.

So please meet jewelry artist Janet Cozzens, and her gorgeous jewelry at  JKC Creations .  Janet is a talented wire artist, and as you explore her work you'll see why it is no surprise she is an  artist of the month for Wire-Sculpture (March 2012)! Her jewelry designs are a special confluence of sophisticated wire art and wire weaving that celebrate lovely gems --  all with a Victorian, romantic flair. Cozzens' says, "My jewelry is very much Victorian in style. This just seems to be what my hands are destined to create."  Indeed, Dale "Cougar" Armstrong writes of Cozzens' work, "how far she has come, learning and executing techniques to make her jewelry reflect ... the Victorian Era!"

Cozzens' Irish background also influences her style. Her strength and lovely spirit comes through her intricate work. Pieces like "Frosted Crystal Cabochon Bridal Tiara" and "Laguna Lace Pendant" are complex, beautiful designs. Cozzens shares her thoughts on these pieces at her Etsy store, JKC Creations Shop: "I believe that hard work is necessary to get you where you want to go in life and I carry this through in the designs that I create."

I'm certain that as you enjoy the work of Janet Cozzens, you will be intrigued with her wire arts style of Victorian romance. And like a good Irish blessing, her jewelry is sure to uplift and delight. May you be as inspired and moved by the immense richness of Cozzens' handcrafted jewelry as am I!

Apr 16, 2012

Jewel School Gets Cool with Sandra Younger & the Knotty Do It All

 Join Jewel School guest artist Sandra Younger as she shares her "Knotty Do It All" -- a cord knotting and design tool for creating jewelry with  leather, suede, satin cord, & other textiles. The Knotty Do It All board is designed to make macrame, ladder, and knot style jewelry. There are many stringing materials that work with the jewelry technique and tool; you'll find the recommended types of cord in the correct sizes at Sandra's online store, "The Knot Shop." Additionally, Sandra has created a chart calculating the length you'll need to add to stringing material to create knots.

Although the Knotty Do It All Delux Kit sold out, you can buy stringing material and may even find a few boards trickling back into stock at the Sandra Younger Specialty Shop on Jewel School. You can also purchase two versions of the board: the Knotty board ($54.95) and the Knotty Delux Kit ($79.95) directly from Sandra's online store, The Knot Shop. Here, you can purchase individual items such as extra clips for your board (http://tinyurl.com/JSFriends22) or an instructional DVD. You can find tutorials for using the Knotty board, making knots and several bracelet designs at "TheKnottyDoItAll." youtube channel, or view her video tutorials on Facebook at the community page, Jewel School Friends. You can also purchase sandra Younger's project "Knot Your Own Easy Leather Necklace" from the January 2011 issue of Art Jewelry.

Although some Shambala bracelets can be purchased for just a few dollars, handcrafted Shambala bracelets are very chic and popular with designers and fine jewelry lovers alike. Sandra Younger's beautiful macrame and ladder bracelets are appreciated by artists like Barbara Lewis, author of Painting With Fire and a featured designer in the upcoming  Bead Soup book by Lori Anderson  -- as well as artist Cynthia Thornton of Green Girls Studios. Sandra Younger takes Shambala designs to a new level of jewelry art, combining her talent for style with beautiful handcrafted findings to make her jewelry rich and unique. You can see the beautiful jewelry Sandra Younger has designed by exploring her photography gallery or by going to"Sandra Younger Jewelry" on Facebook where you will find 78 gorgeous bracelets to inspire your own designs!

Apr 11, 2012


Does the idea of including hand-made glass pendants in your jewelry interest you? If so, check out an affordable, very cool microwave kiln designed to create unique glass focals for handcrafted jewelry.

With the FUSEWORKS microwave kiln, jewelry artists can now create beautiful glass pieces for their handcrafted jewelry, without having to know or learn traditional glass torch and kiln techniques. Best of all, the price is affordable. The microwave kiln costs under $100 at retailers such as Amazon, and if purchased at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon (promo code 3359), the kiln is a mere $71.99 (and in my cart now as I write!).

You can check out the FUSEWORKS kiln in action as jewelry teacher TC Beads records her first uses of the kiln, and shares the glass cabs she creates on her youtube video tutorial channel for jewelry arts. The finished glass pieces are unique and completely annealed through the process of kiln microwaving.

The FUSEWORKS microwave kiln for glass is getting excellent 5-star ratings across the web as reviewers find it an excellent way to create beautiful glass art for their jewelry design. It is recommended by reviewers to dedicate one microwave to glass art, much like dedicating one toaster oven to polymer clay.

Dale "Cougar" Armstrong: Internationally Acclaimed & Award Winning Wire Jewelry Artist, Author, & Instructor

International wire jewelry artist, author, and instructor Dale "Cougar" Armstrong will be the Jewel School guest expert Thursday, April 12. if you are new to Jewel School, you can watch the show by checking for a channel in your area (go to http://www.jtv.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-jtv-Site/default/ChannelFinder-Show) or you can simply watch LIVE right on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jewelschool/app_109254779112329).
Ms. Armstrong, known as the "Picasso of Wire Jewelry Arts" has over forty years combined experience in creating award winning classic wire art designs. She not only was the very first Jewel School expert and instrumental in the very creation of Jewel School on JTv with her series of Jewel School DVDs and knowledge of jewelry arts, (http://www.jtv.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-jtv-Site/default/Search-Show?q=armstrong&x=0&y=0) she also is an Education Consultant for Wire-Sculpture, offering a series of highly acclaimed instructional DVDs and products there as well (http://www.wire-sculpture.com/pages/site_search.html?q=armstrong&image.x=28&image.y=8). 
As member of the Beadalon Design Team (http://www.beadalon.com/armstrong.asp) Armstrong has had several German style wire kits made in her honor and offered on Jewel School, and  for a limited time, you may be able to purchase an autographed copy of her best selling book "Wirework: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Wire Wrapping" at jtv.com. You may also purchase the best selling book as an immediate download, including an immediate download of the new accompanying DVD to the book from the Interweave Store at Beading Daily here: http://www.interweavestore.com/Jewelry/Books/Wirework-with-eBook.html
Armstrong is an inspirational wire jewelry artist, teaching classic techniques so that her students may create their own unique wire jewelry art designs. You can read an interview with Armstrong by "Jewelry Making Daily" here: http://www.jewelrymakingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2011/09/12/wire-wrapping-with-the-cougar-wirework-jewelry-with-dale-cougar-armstrong.aspx
Although Ms. Armstrong is a technique instructor, rather than simply a project instructor, you may want to explore some of Armstrong's publications in order to practice the art of wire technique. You can purchase the 2006 Step By Step Wire Jewelry DVD collection that includes Armstrong's projects “Festooned Cabochon Necklace” -- “Touch of Class” -- “Classic Elegance”, and Pearl Chandelier Earrings (http://www.interweavestore.com/Jewelry/Magazines/2006-Step-by-Step-Wire-Jewelry-CD-Collection.html) or the 2007 Step by Step Wire Jewelry DVD Collection including Armstrong's instructional article “Icy Blues”, which uses snap settings to "create a sparkling neck-piece." (http://www.interweavestore.com/Jewelry/Magazines/2007-Step-by-Step-Wire-Jewelry-CD-Collection.html?SessionThemeID=18). Or how about Armstrong's wonderful article “'Pet Panache' Springtime Sparkles for your pet featuring collars by Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong" published in "Bead Unique"?  You can purchase the past issue including this project by Armstrong here: http://www.beaduniquemag.com/projects/bead_bonus/index.shtml. And definitely treat yourself and explore the amazing wire jewelry art created by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong in her gallery "Cougar's Creations" (www.cougarscreations.com)! Enjoy and See you at school!

Apr 10, 2012

Lauren Andersen: Expert Chainmaille Artist for Jewel School

Jewel School Expert Artist Lauren Andersen 

"Nature inspires me. I love the simplicity and the complexity of nature." -- Lauren Andersen

Lauren Andersen, "The Chainmaille Lady" will be the guest artist and expert for JEWEL SCHOOL on Sunday and Monday. Jewel School will be offering special chainmaille products during her visit. You can shop Jewel School online and check out  Lauren Andersen's Specialty Shop for colored wire kits, chainmaille kits & tutorials. Best of all, Ms. Anderson will be presenting a new jump ring maker specifically designed for chainmaille! The new tool includes mandrels to create jump rings in sizes commonly used for chainmaille  (such as 9/64 ") that previously had to be purchased pre-made and were only available in limited choices of materials. Now chainmaille jewelry artists can create beautiful jump rings with color coated copper wire in the unique mm sizes necessary for many chainmaille weaves!

Lauren Andersen is not only a Jewel School television expert, she is also a regular guest artist for the popular PBS program "Beads, Baubles & Jewels," now in its fifteenth year.You'll find many beautiful Lauren Andersen jewelry designs on the
BBJ website, including free pdf tutorial downloads. This season, Ms. Andersen has created a stunning "Sedona Sunset" necklace made with copper chain and carnelian. Likewise, Ms. Andersen's pearl white magatama wedding jewelry is equally gorgeous. In fact, there's an array of Lauren's gorgeous chainmaille jewelry
at the BBJ website, all with accompanying free tutorial downloads.

The teaching techniques and creativity of "The Chainmaille Lady" doesn't stop there. You'll also find Andersen's free video tutorials for the Byzantine weave and the European 4 in 1 chainmaille weave at Jewel School's
Videos on Demand

Lauren Andersen is a regular contributor to "Step by Step Wire Jewelry"  and has written two books:
Basics Of Chain Maille and Advanced Chain Maille -- available in select Jewel School kits and  available at Lauren's website, "TheChainmailleLady.Com" on ArtFire where you'll  find original Lauren Andersen fine jewelry, complete chainmaille kits, and tutorials for designs like "Pink Passion Earrings" as well as tutorials for advanced weaves like Dragonscale.

As the Beadalon's expert chainmaille designer, you can read an interview with Lauren Andersen on the Beadalon website and browse the Beadalon gallery of her work. Lauren Andersen's designs are exquisit! Additionally, you'll also find Ms. Anderson's beautiful jewelry at PINTEREST and FLICKR .

We are truly honored to have artist Lauren Andersen as our Jewel School instructor! Enjoy your visit with "The Chainmaille Lady" on Sunday and Monday! See you at School! 

Apr 8, 2012

Jewel School's Wyatt White: Beadalon Product Developer, Expert, & Jewelry Artist&

Wyatt White Jewel School Expert Artist
Join expert artist Wyatt White today on JEWEL SCHOOL as he shares beautiful new wire kits from Beadalon (w/ new colors like gunmetal & matte brass!), his specially designed banding pliers, jump ring makers & more! We may even be lucky & learn another beautiful wire jewelry technique, like the cool rings he made last visit! The wire wrapped rings were so popular, many designers made his ring for the weekly JS jewelry making challenge!

If you'd like to try some Wyatt White jewelry techniques, check out how Mr. White brilliantly uses wire with "the precision of Bach" in his wire wrapped bracelet featured on "Beads Baubles & Jewels" on PBS. You can view Wyatt White's jewelry art on " Beads Baubles & Jewels" on youtube and you can also view the pdf tutorial instructions for making White's wire wrapped bracelet by registering on Beads Baubles & Jewels website. You will find White's jewelry making tutorial in pdf format under  "MUSIC " show 1302.

Mr. White is an industry product expert with 25 years experience, giving him extensive knowledge of jewelry making components, tools, and an insightful understanding of the needs of other jewelry artists. He is a member of the Beadalon Design Team  and very gifted fine and custom jewelry artist. You can shop JEWEL SCHOOL's specialty  items in the "JS Wyatt White Specialty Shop" for the new wire kits, banding pliers, and more. Enjoy & see you at school!

Apr 7, 2012

ENJOY $1.99 shipping each item, now through Monday, April 9 at 11:59pm Eastern.
  Jewel School

Apr 6, 2012

Jewelry Arts FREE Tutorials / TC BEADS teaches because she loves to teach & weave :) COMPLETE instructions on making a 16mm rivoli beadwork bracelet -- LOVE these tutorials !! Love the bracelet !!

TC BEADS COMPLETE instructions for a 16mm rivoli beadwork bracelet

Free beading project PDF: Pearl-Ribbon Choker « Lark Crafts Lark Crafts

Free beading project PDF: Pearl-Ribbon Choker « Lark Crafts Lark Crafts

Take the Jewel School Weekly Challenge

with Jewel School Friends


JEWEL SCHOOL FRIENDS hosts weekly jewelry making challenges, occasional VISA gift card give-a-ways, and fundraising events. The weekly jewelry making challenges are designed to allow jewelry artists to expand their collection of designs, try new techniques, and build their jewelry making experience on a regular weekly basis. 


Here's the Jewel School Weekly Challenge: 

1) Challenges run Thursday to Thursday. To participate, artists work from any one product (or more) from Jewel School's weekly products. Each weekly challenge has about 300 products to design from, including various techniques and styles of jewelry design. The links to browse the weekly Jewel School products are posted with each new weekly challenge announcement every Thursday. You'll find the current weekly challenge products pinned to the top of the Jewel School Friends Facebook community page each week.


2) It is not necessary to purchase any product from Jewel School in order to participate. Jewelry Challenges, fundraisers, and occasional prizes are not directly affiliated with Jtv. The Jewel School product links are meant to be used as inspiration for new designs, to spark ideas, or to try new techniques. The product used in your design -- for example, say 18 gauge copper coated wire -- can be purchased from any jewelry supplier. Simply note the product you used as a basis of your design when posting your weekly challenge jewelry. 


3) Pictures or links to your jewelry can be posted every Thursday by 11:59 EST. Previously created jewelry is welcome as long as it includes a product listed for that week's challenge. Creating new designs each week, however, becomes a great way to stay inspired, keep your jewelry designs new and fresh, and build your skills and your store merchandise. You may post a picture of your jewelry to the JSF page, share a link to your FB album (please set your FB album to "public" to be visible to all), or a link to your website (including an Etsy or other store) featuring your weekly challenge jewelry here:


4) Along with your jewelry, please note the Jewel School product or technique that inspired your design. Also,  include the name your piece, if you wish, and name of your jewelry store. Please credit any resource -- artist, youtube video, tutorial, or book -- that inspired your design if your design is an exact copy or a tutorial project. Jewel School guest artists have commented on jewelry posted for the weekly challenges. It's truly wonderful to make handcrafted jewelry and have expert artists like Margot Potter, Dale "Cougar" Armstrong, Lauren Andersen, Christiane Ross, Fernando Dasilva, or Julianna Hudgins then praise your work; but not so great to forget to note an artist's inspiration or tutorial used to create your design.

Art Jewelry Tutorials ..

 Bead & Button, Jewelry Art, & Bead Style Tutorials
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Learn a new technique, create something beautiful, expand your jewelry style
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