Nov 25, 2014

Fly Well into the Holiday Season: Soar with the Beads of Courage Art Charm Charity Auction and Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Art Charm Swap, Reveal, Hop & Auction benefiting Beads of Courage.

Hosted by the generous and inspiring Jennifer Cameron (Glass Addictions and Art Jewelry Elements), the Annual ART CHARM EXCHANGE & AUCTION brings together bead and jewelry artists FOR THE CHALLENGE OF CREATING ART CHARMS to benefit Beads of Courage.  

What are Beads of Courage?
Beads of Courage is a non-profit organization caring for children with serious illness, their families, and clinicians. BOC supports children with serious illnesses by helping them tell, record, and honor their story of courage with beads. Each overnight stay in the hospital is signified by certain color beads. A procedure is another. Handcrafted lampwork beads are given for great courage. Every bead tells a story of strength, honor, and hope.

See the 2012 charms: "LAUGH"

See the 2013 charms: "LOVE"

For this year's auction, we were challenged to create art charms for the theme: SOAR.

Art by Josephine Wall
 Soar to the Art Charms for auction on EBAY

Art Charms Revealed!

The BOC Art Charm Exchange & Auction is always popular, and this year over 40 artists created art charms for auction. BIDDING TAKES PLACE ALL WEEK LONG, ENDING ON CYBER MONDAY. TAKE A LOOK! 100% of your bid goes to Beads of Courage, and what better way to start the Season of Joy?

My art charms revealed:

Shooting Star on the Wings of Love

Shooting Star on the Wings of Love
"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." -- Albert Einstein

Handcrafted Clay Birds by Jennifer Reno 
Czech Soaring Birds Pressed Glass in Evergreen & Amethyst
Anodized Niobium & Bronze Chainmaille Stars (Niobium is hypoallergenic, rings byThe Ring Lord)
Vintaj Brass & Copper Findings

I decided to create a set of charms again this year. The first charm is made with Jennifer Reno's beautiful clay birds as inspiration. The charms have either evergreen or amethyst Czech soaring birds, and chainmaille stars made with anodized niobium rings special ordered from Canada -- the one place the very special & beautiful "color-changing" rings are made! I wanted the rings to reflect the watercolor and silvery look of Jennifer's birds. 

Handcrafted Clay Birds by Jennifer Reno 
Czech Soaring Birds Pressed Glass in Evergreen & Amethyst
Anodized Niobium & Brass Chainmaille Stars (Niobium is hypoallergenic, rings byThe Ring Lord)
Vintaj Brass & Copper Findings

We are made of star-stuff, and share the magic of the Universe! Cherished and appreciated always, we are cared for & loved unconditionally. We bravely come forth to transform & confront; to create & love; to live & laugh. Every experience creates change as our wishes & hopes soar; our desires are rockets of desire that are answered by that which creates & sustains Universes. We ask & it's given. Always. No exceptions. We are cherished children of God -- and with our compassion, our hope, our knowledge, our empowerment, our happiness, our strength, our appreciation, our wonder, our courage, and our love --  we open the door to receiving all that is asked for, and create, in essence, Heaven on Earth. 

"Fly Well"

"Fly Well"
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world."  - Margaret Mead

Teal or Turquoise Spiral Lampwork by Jodie Marshall 
Handcrafted Tree of Life Copper Charms in Sapphire and/or Turquoise (using custom blend patinas by Metal Me This)
Copper Fairies
Handcrafted Copper & Blu Buddha Boutique Anodized Aluminum Findings

While butterflies most often represent children who have passed on, I felt moved to choose fairies. (I think my daughter really wanted them in our charms!) Dedicated to my daughter who had suffered from MS & who has now returned to the Non-Physical, this charm reminds us to fly well, knowing that we are always connected to those we love. When we allow ourselves to celebrate & honor & include those who have died, when we find ways to feel good, we are instantly in the same place they are. In happiness, we meet again & again. As infinite beings, in joy & gratitude, separation from those we love is not possible. A family is a group of like-minded beings who travel life-times together. And so, The Spiral Dance, The Tree of Life & The Fairies of the Universe come together to to share our journey. Let's celebrate our interconnections, our infinite & ever-expanding spirits, and our strength! Make a wish & watch the Fairies of the Universes go to work creating wonderful ways to make it come true. Feel your spirit soar! We are a circle within a circle, and together, anything is possible! 

(upcoming:  photos of all the gorgeous charms I received! ) 

Fly well,

Nov 22, 2014

The Annual Beads of Courage Art Charm Auction, Sparkling Rocks, & Moon Over Cedars Challenges are Coming!

In case you thought you missed the auction benefiting Beads of Courage or my Sparkling Rocks Challenge, good news: both have been rescheduled & are upcoming :) And, more good news: our Moon Over the Cedars Design Challenge is on, too! 

Originally scheduled for Nov. 14th, the BOC Charity Auction begins November 24th, with a blog hop revealing all the art charms on November 25th. The art charm exchange and auction is hosted annually by Jen Cameron of Art Jewelry Elements & Glass Addictions - and it is a wonderful way to start the Season of Giving & Joy! Hope you join us. 

Happiness continues to abound as our Moon Over the Cedars Design Challenge is on for December 21st, the Winter Solstice. Focals for the challenge will be mailed out with sparkling rocks & art beads prizes for Octoberfest & BNB. 

In addition, Sparkling Rocks Design Challenge is rescheduled for December 12th. After many packages were ruined in our housing disaster of ceilings falling in and after our emergency move, I have not had monies to replace postage for the ruined packages. But finally,beads are going out finally! Hurrah! :) If you can cover mailing costs (a dollar or two), please let me know & I'll give you my Paypal. It is greatly appreciated as we rebuild our home and lives.  Thank you! (  

More good news! I've now purchased both Suburban Girl Studio & Tealwater Designs art beads & the Octoberfest prizes will be mailed with your challenge beads. Look for links to our blog hop electronic magazines soon & the winner of the Vintaj Bigkick soon.  

Namaste, Rita