Jul 17, 2012

What's In A Name? Blog Hop Party -- Happy Birthday Shelly!!

 Shelly Graham Turner of the "Fabric of My Life"  invited jewelry artisans to celebrate her birthday by sharing their stories in a special literary blog hop on July 17th. What's in a name, she asks, pondering the details that make jewelry blog artists inspired: "the story behind your jewelry business or blog name, why you chose your font, color palette and logo. How did it all evolve?"

So what gives? What's with my 3 names: JEWEL SCHOOL FRIENDS, GEMFAIRY, and TOLTEC JEWELS?

When I became a reviewer at JTV, I first thought of a name for me and jewelry. I loved giving it, so I came up with GemFairy (a little like the birthday fairy or the tooth fairy ;) and it fit.

Years earlier, after reading about the ancient Toltec culture, I was moved by the idea that thoughts and attitudes play a powerful role in creating our lives. As I practiced looking for good and appreciating, I felt empowered. 

My spouse was working as a gourmet sous chef, and we had the idea of opening a restaurant complete with an attached jewelry store, Toltec Jewels. Later, when I began making  handcrafted jewelry, that name fit too :) 

I started  JTV Friends on Facebook when JTv reviewers wanted to meet and share online. It was so long ago, JTV wasn't on Facebook yet and Jewel School didn't exist!  But as JTV grew, JTV Friends became Jewel School Friends as customers learned the art of jewelry making with  Jewel School.

 I had discovered the amazing world of jewelry artisans, handcrafted components, and all the richness of the jewelry arts. I was inspired and absolutely thrilled to learn and share in such a beautiful craft!

My first purchase of handcrafted jewelry was Margot Potter's "Magnoliophyta" flower earrings from her book New Dimensions in Bead & Wire Jewelry. Margot Potter's work is exquisite and perfectly made, with lovely compositions, colors and designs. Inspiring!

As a reviewer, I added photos to my thoughts on jewelry and my love of photography grew. The world of macro photography and gem photography opened up and so did my heart.

I was delighted to photograph jewelry for my Gemfairy reviews,  like these pictures I took of Margot Potter's Original "Zigzagged" necklace from Bead& Wire Jewelry Exposed.

 Now it seems enchanting that a big part of creating handcrafted jewelry are the photos that go along with it!

Today, the names GemFairy's Jewels and Toltec Jewels and Jewel School Friends are celebrations of the jewelry arts and the incredible community that creates that art. Nothing makes me happier than featuring the work of jewelry artists and special gemstones, like this amazing labradorite cabochon from Dale Cougar Armstrong.

And like this awesome agate from Christiane Ross! You'll see it on an episode of "Beads, Baubles, and Jewels" Season 16 during Christiane Ross'  guest appearance on chainmaille bezels. She and this amazing gem are the star jewels!

Jewel School Friends represents the jewelry community: experienced and new jewelry artists alike are friends -- friends who are empowering, appreciating, and encouraging of each other. Jewelry arts are often learned from other artists, and at the heart of the community is the great stuff in life: learning and friendship.

So its the gems and jewels, the handcrafted beauty, and the friendships that for me answer the question: What's In A Name? 
The names all reflect my appreciation for gemstones, beads, and handcrafted treasures, as well as for the amazing people who live artfully, giving of themselves and creating beauty,  artists like  Shelly Graham Turner, who made her birthday a blog hop party for all! -- who is interested and affirming  and generous -- the very best gifts we can give friends.

Happy Birthday Shelly! May all you share return to you and fill your day with beauty, joy and treasures beyond measure. May you have a great birthday, a year full of wishes coming true, and much to celebrate and love!

What's behind these names? Blog hop around and enjoy!

                               Blog Host/Birthday Girl! - Shelley Graham Turner of Tori Sophia


  1. Uh Oh! I feel like I'm missing out!!! I guess I am going to have to start a blog. So, what is everyone's opinion of the best blog spot?? Any pointers?--Valeria Rome

  2. With so much going on in life, it's hard to pick one name and stick with it! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one! Great story :)

  3. I love how things evolve. Thanks for sharing your story. :)

  4. Interesting story~ thanks for sharing

  5. It is fasinating how something you love evolves itself into so much more. Enjoy you journey.

  6. Great to get to read your story!

  7. Love all your names.. I think as we grow as an artist, our business names need to fit us better. That is why I had changed mine several years ago.

  8. Rita,
    Thank you so much for attending my party and sharing your story. I love all your names but I especially like the name GemFairy, it describes you so well - a giving person. So supportive of other artists.

    Your birthday wishes were touching and so appreciated.
    Thank you my new friend,
    xxoOh! ~ Shelley

  9. Rita, you're a special person with a big heart. So nice to read your story, my new friend. :)

  10. I'm not sure how I missed this one!! Wow, that Labradorite looks like a photograph of a forest, with the sky above and the sun at the horizon, peeking through the trees.


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