Apr 21, 2013

The Fifth Do Over Challenge

Welcome to the 5th Do-Over Challenge, hosted by Jeannie Dukic! You can learn about the Do-Over Challenges by checking out Jeannie's blog and her gorgeous Do-Over reveal

I'm posting late due to a pet emergency, but all is completely well in our family now, and so I'd like to share my challenge and jewelry reveal :) This is my second time participating in the Do-Over challenge. I had a wonderful time in the 4th Do-Over, and will definitely be jumping in again for the 6th Do-Over Challenge, coming in October. 

The 6th Do-Over Badge -- Jeannie OKs posting them on our blogs now :) 

As always with the artistic and talented Jeannie, the package I received was beautiful, with a delightful handcrafted tag and lovely handcrafted card.

And inside ...

The jewelry I randomly received this time is very different from the simple white crystal AB jewelry of the last challenge! This time, my colorway challenge was bold and bright, with resin beads that reminded me of crab fire agate, natural wooden seed beads, chips, and the most  fiber beads -- they reminded me of summer campfires. I love color, and the vivid jewelry really got me thinking and dreaming! I had a challenge, indeed! 

I received an ensemble of ingredients for my do-over: earrings, a necklace and a bracelet! Looking at the bead soup after taking apart the jewelry, I had enough to make several new pieces of jewelry! 
The pretty campfire orange-yellow resin beads seemed to want fancied up. 

I began with the emerald cut resin beads. They filled with sunlight beautifully, but the drill hole running through them drew my eye over & over, so I decided to fancy up these beads to start. I first tried Sherri Stokey's brilliant & beautiful lucite patina technique, unsuccessfully since I had resin, not lucite, beads. So I simply beaded the beads to emphasize their glowing orange & yellow quality using shimmery silver lined seed beads! No more drill line, just pretty beads to draw the eye. 

Summer Sunset
Recycled glass rings, Second Surf pendant and earring discs, peach chalk turquoise, gold panda bead, sari ribbon, 
The sunny shades of peach, yellow & orange looked gorgeous with Barbara Bechtel's Second Surf focal and earring discs. Once I began beading, I also created a simple little daisy chain with peach chalk turquoise to complete the summery and happy feeling. I changed the original gold findings to antique bronze ones. I used recycled glass to attach the pretty sari ribbon. 

Next, on to the unique fiber beads. 

They reminded me of the woods, woodland magic, summer campfires. Their strong texture and bold size made me think of the beautiful handcrafted fiber flowers Lori Anderson had gifted me in our Pantone swap. They were perfect for each other.  

Woodland in Bloom

I added a fantastic ceramic flower button clasp by Diane Hawkey, soft dark chocolate suede, a few lucite flowers, leaves and Swarovski crystals, and a handcrafted lampwork bead. I made the bib of flowers and secured it with simple cold connections. 

Earth Day: A Menagerie of Animals

Next, I decided to wire wrap some of the resin round beads, as Jeannie's challenge is to use at least 50% of the necklace. 

I used Vintaj to spruce up the pretty 6 speckled resin round beads from the challenge, and decided to wire wrap everything, using the sweet natural wood beads too. I added in turquoise blue Czech glass beads & chocolate brown freshwater pearls, and warm agate rounds. 

After making a Czech acorn bead (I've always wanted to make one!) I added in all the handcrafted. The yellow lampwork is by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things, and the orange striped polymer is by Rebekah Payne of  Tree Wings Studio. Resin pendant by Jade Scott.

Pendant by Jade Scott. I discovered a wonderful interview of Jade Scott by Lorelei Eurto. Read it here :)

The resin pendant is by Jade Scott, "menagerie of animals." They are not easy to get a hold of. I found one on Etsy, in jewelry! I was very blessed to be given the pendant by the amazing Jen Cameron of Art Jewelry Elements and  I love the theme here -- the flowers and animals together in an abstract representation of our planet for Earth Day! I used a fancy Vintaj jump ring and strung little charms:  a golden agate round, carnelian "leaves" & a rondelle, and a pop of color with the Czech green glass.


So, you there you have it. My Do-Over Challenge. Since Jeannie was so mean about my being late, I thought I better hurry and get it posted ... not! No, no, Jeannie is the best. She was wonderful and so loving about my ill little Chihuahua :) Thank you Jeannie!! He is all better now, and it's a joy to post my Do-Over while snuggled next to a happy, warm healthy puppy dog :)  And so, until next October, keep on beading and keep on hopping! 

Big hugs,

This is a BLOG HOP :) Enjoy the Do-Overs! 

Charlie Jacka  http://clay-space.com/blog
Ginger Davis Allman http://thebluebottletree.com/
Mary Govaars  www.mlhjewelrydesigns.com
Penny Houghton  www.smellynelly.blogspot.com

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  1. Lady...you never cease to amaze me <3

  2. Simply lovely. You've done a wonderful job of creating new and exciting things from the pieces you were sent.

  3. Rita I'm so happy to know Pancho is ok.
    Holy Cow you really went to town. I'm actually speechless. I love that you incorporated all the different art beads by so many talented bead artists. So much texture and beautiful mix of colors in each and every one. Is it wrong I just want to fondle the felt one? Thank you Rita so much for participating and I hope you join us for the next one.
    Much Love, jeannie


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