Jun 2, 2014

The 411 on Design Challenges & Blog Hops

There are so many wonderful jewelry arts events 
going on now, I wanted to share them with you. 

On Jewel School Friends

I decided to host a few more design challenges after the wonderful time we had in The Color of Dreams Blog Hop featuring Color of Dreams beads. I'm working out the details now for the next challenge featuring lampwork art beads by SUEBEADSAgain, I'll mail out beads free of charge to 20 designers and we'll have a blog hop, "Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets" to see what everyone created.  Watch for sign ups in June with a blog hop in July/Aug!

Look for my SueBeads Design Challenge in June

Next, I'll feature the art beads of Suburban Girl Studio with the nautical theme, "Come Sail Away" -- again, the challenge & blog hop will be open to 20 designers. Look for sign ups & a hop in late summer.

Look for my Suburban Girl Studio Design Challenge in July

Our third design challenge & blog hop will feature Nic Nac Beads, possibly with a butterfly theme. Sign Ups will open around August with a hop in September (or we'll go Nov/Dec)

Look for Nic Nac Beads Design challenge in August

And finally...
Sign ups are now open for
Sign Ups are open now! 
A Home & Hearth, Craft, Jewelry, Bead & Creative Challenge.

This is a very fun blog hop & the sign up list filled up fast! I had limited the number of participants, but decided to include all artists who wish to play. 
You'll find details about the hop and the participants list here.

On Facebook & More:

 Don't miss the  "My Country" Blog Hop hosted by my friend Nan Smith of Nanmade Handmade. This is the second year for the hop, and it is a good one! Sign ups close on June 10th. 

 You'll also enjoy the 13th FB Bead Soup Cafe group "Blogger/Non-Blogger challenge: 
"Age of The Dragonfly"

The hostess for this round is Krafty Max, who inspires us to create jewelry with beautiful dragonfly photography by Ambers Art Alley. Designers may create based on subject matter, colorway, or any inspiration. Also, artists are not limited to jewelry but may create in any way they wish. Artists sign up by adding their name to the FB document at The Bead Soup Cafe, and have until June 28th to add a photo of their design to the group album. The winner becomes the next Blogger/Non-Blogger hostess, and picks the theme for the 14th challenge. Members of  the Bead Soup Cafe on FB may join in. 

And Browse the Beauty of a Gorgeous Design Contest!

Vote now for your favorite design in the Blu Mudd 4th Challenge on FB. You won't want to miss this group of talented designers' creations & the beautiful art beads of Blu Mudd ceramics by Moriah Betterly. To vote, simply browse each photo in the album on Blu Mudd's FB page and "like" your favorites! You may like and vote for as many designs as you wish. The design with the most likes on June 7th at 10 PM Eastern will be announced as the winner of a $50 gift certificate at Blu Mudd.

I simply love this art bead challenge!
 Each artist was given a focal, clasp, and tube beads at a reduced price to create art jewelry. This round, 28 artists came together. Here are some of the splendid designs by participants:

Shirley Moore

Lennis Carrier

Sherri Stokey

Ingrid Anderson

 Jami Shipp

Kelly Rodgers

Andrea Glick

Janeen Burlingame 

  Marybeth Rich

 Melissa Trudinger

Aren't the designs beautiful? And these are just a few of the 28!
So, have fun looking through the album at all the jewelry art. You're free to vote happily: you can like as many as you like! 

Blu Mudd Design Album

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  1. Talk about some great blog hops! I will be watching for the signups!

  2. Thanks for the mention,Rita. I've had quite a few sign ups so it's looking good. Those other blog hops look fabulous, too. I'll try to get in on one if I have time this summer. Great blog post!

  3. Ohh, I can't wait. I love these design challenges.

  4. Oh Rita, you do have some great challenges coming up! And thanks for the shout out for the Blu Mudd challenge! I didn't realize you were hosting so many! They all sound wonderful.

    1. Thanks Shirley :) I posted the SueBeads now. People were waiting & didn't want to stay up until midnight. Me either! lol. Here's the link in case you came to check out that challenge: http://www.jewelschoolfriends.com/2014/06/choosy-chicks-choose-chicklets-suebeads.html


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