Jul 20, 2014

Pine Ridge Treasures Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop

Looking for Michael's Design Challenge & Blog Hop? Here it is :) 

 Welcome to another Pine Ridge Treasures Blog Hop
This challenge, participants purchased surprise gemstone and metal bead mixes.
I received simply wonderful picture jasper. Faceted rounds, faceted barrels, and daggers were my design gems, along with rich antique brass findings -- my favorite! 

I've been so sick all week, with a sore throat and virus that makes me want to sleep and sleep, yet the gorgeous picture jasper has called to me and made me so excited to create soft, neutral colorways and design with long held treasures of my own: four picture jasper focals, rounds in various sizes, Czech glass in creams and tans, wood, ceramics by Naos.

My spouse even came home from work ill yesterday -- which is very rare for Lee who just does not miss work unless very ill or hurt -- and now today I have another illness: the same migraine and nausea that sent Lee home from work. It's either very bad pollen counts, chemicals a new lawn worker sprayed (unknown to us until later, to our horror as chemicals make me super ill) or another virus!I don't usually talk about being ill, but...
My apologies for posting in parts. I'm struggling but trying to hang in there online with you all.
I love our hops!

My first design is a new chainmaille weave in a bracelet. It's so simple -- a combination of mobius (flowers) and beads -- but the implementation is ingenious (a Scott David Plumlee weave tutorial I tweaked with different ring sizes) and I enjoyed every moment of weaving the rings, shaping the Vintaj wire loops with my mandrel, touching and arranging the gemstones with gratitude and awe for the pretty patterns and faceting.

This chainmaille weave spirals -- longer, it would make a neat spiral necklace too!

Love knot chainmaille bracelet in anodized aluminum with picture jasper rounds, Vintaj findings, antique brass clasp.

And, I'm so excited to have made earrings with beadfreaky lamas that I hold dear because they remind me of my good friend (and Bead Soup 7 partner) Nan Smith who sent me this lama photo to cheer me up. Aren't they adorable?? I laugh out loud and love them!

So... here are coordinating earrings:
Naos ceramic discs & bone discs, beadfreaky ceramics, Vintaj brass wire & brass findings.

beadfreaky ceramic lamas, Naos ceramic discs, bone discs, Vintaj & antique brass & copper findings.

As I write, I have several more projects of picture jasper set out on paper plates, ready to go. I have about 4 picture jasper focals in my stash, and so I'm happy to create with them finally! I enjoyed this mix immensely, and hope to make all I can with  the inspiration of the lovely gems and metals Lisa so brilliantly put together.

And I'm also excited with Shai Williams' link shared on FB showing the latest jewelry trends from Jewelry Making Daily, inspiring me to try a ladder design and swag focal, two "hot" elements in design right now.

 Update: I finished the ladder necklace this morning, and I'm really liking the look! I used the filigree swag Lisa sent along to create a metal focal with my own smaller picture jasper rounds, and added the faceted barrels and metal beads to Vintaj chain to create the "ladder" part of the design.

Antique brass filigreeswag, picture jasper rounds, Czech glass, faceted picture jasper barrels ladder with Vintaj chain.

Thank you Lisa for a wonderful mix! I love being so inspired I have lots to make yet! :)
I can't wait to see the gemstone and metal mixes everyone received and all the jewelry created!

xxoo Rita


  1. Oh wow Rita! I am in awe of what you designed! I was in love with the chainmaile bracelet, then the earrings stole my heart, and now I love the necklace!!! What beautiful pieces you made! How you did it not feeling well, I have no idea, but your creativity and artistic ability really shined through. Hope you feel better very soon!

  2. Rita, your designs are so lovely. Over the last several hop posts of yours, I've come to love chainmaille. The earrings are adorable. Love the lamas! The ladder necklace with filigree and dangles is beautiful. I hope you and Lee feel better soon! It's miserable to be sick.

  3. Love the chain maille and how you added the gemstone dangles.

  4. Very nice - especially the ladder necklace.

  5. Your pieces are lovely!! I hope you & Lee are well soon!

  6. Excellent pieces....really digging the ladder necklace....so that is the new trend huh...will have to check out the article...I think they really rock. Great job. Thanks for sharing!


  7. I love all of your pieces, the bracelet in paticular, and thank you for the picture of the llamas, that made me laugh. I have had allergy issues too, had the migraine/nausea issue on Thursday. It sucks and I hope you are both feeling better.

  8. These designs are beautiful and oh, so boho. LOVE them. Hope you're feeling better


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