Nov 24, 2012

Giving Thanks

 Giving Thanks is something I think often about. Years ago, I by chance saw a wonderful thing: QVC had Dr. Wayne Dyer on as a guest and he was speaking about his new book and the power of intention. And as almost happens when Dr. Wayne Dyer shares, he was speaking to something big, touching people, changing lives. That which is his soul was connecting with other souls: old souls, new souls, tired out souls, yearning souls, content souls, scared souls, happy souls, wondering souls, re-membering souls. That kind of connection is big because who we are is so much more than we often realize. 

It's a little like going bowling. 

For a while we are a bowler -- whether a good bowler or a bad bowler is insignificant -- we are a bowler! And yet while we are busy being bowlers we are still, in essence, so much more. We are someone's children, perhaps we are parents, or teachers, we are bowlers yet still artists, writers,  bloggers, spouses, lovers, friends. We are more than just people too.

Being a person is like being the bowler. We are physical  and non-physical: vibrant, moving,  expansive energy  each with a unique perspective. And we are each uniquely contributing as we experience. We may sometimes encounter contrast, but by knowing what we don't want, we can figure out what it is we do want.

And there's big power there. In knowing what we are wanting. We ask, it is given. Every time, no exceptions. We are creators. Knowing what we do want (then not focusing on it being missing) is our part of the process. We grow and become more. We are souls ever expanding. We'll never get it done and we'll never get it right. It's what makes us infinite.

We are meant to focus, which brings me back to Dr. Dyer, giving thanks, and The Power of Intention. The idea is that by being a math to Source, God, universal energy we manifest beautifully. What does it mean to be a match to Source? No more ordinary, but on to the extraordinary. And all it takes is five little words: I want to feel good. 

 If you use your emotions as a special, one-of-a-kind internal guidance system, you will have constant feedback about how you are looking at things and if you are a match or no match to Source. By simply being happy, you have put yourself int the position of accepting all that you've asked for that has been given, and your impact on others will shift into the extraordinary also. Thoughts that feel bad are bad: they are a no match to Source and keep you from your intention. Thoughts that give you feelings of relief are pivoting ones that help you turn downstream. Focus on thoughts that feel good for just 30 days, and you'll be surprised how incredibly your life will change. 

You'll find:

Your presence instills calmness.
Your presence leaves others energized.
Your presence allows others to feel better about themselves. 
Your presence allows others to feel unified.
Your presence instills a purpose.
Your presence allows others to trust in authentic personal connections.
Your presence inspires others to greatness.
Your presence aligns others with beauty.
Your presence instills health rather than sickness.

Raising your own energy level, intending to feel good, and focusing on what thoughts feel like in order to use your guidance system to be a match to Source creates an extraordinary life and benefits others. Write rampages of appreciation. Let go of the obstacles to being a match with Source:

Thinking about what's missing in your life.
Thinking about the circumstances of your life.
Thinking about what has always been.
Thinking about what "they" want for you.

Using your emotional guidance system
The Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham-Hicks from the book, "Ask and It's Given" is a great way to monitor your relationship  with and match to Source, your soul's intention. Simply notice how your internal thoughts fit on the scale. Change your focus with the intent that nothing matters more than that you feel good.

1 Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
2 Passion 3 Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4 Positive Expectation/Belief
5 Optimism
6 Hopefulness
7 Contentment
8 Boredom
9 Pessimism
10 Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11 "Overwhelment"
12 Disappointment
13 Doubt
14 Worry
15 Blame
16 Discouragement
17 Anger
18 Revenge
19 Hatred/Rage
20 Jealousy
21 Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22 Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

If you find yourself thinking thoughts that bring you grief or despair, reach for thoughts higher up on the scale. Getting angry, for example, would be a relief to grief. From anger, move to blame or frustration, then on to contentment and then hope -- now, oh now your in the vicinity of "the vortex" -- once you are near hope, you're aligned with Source, you are a match to Intention, you're letting in all that you've asked for, and you have a profound impact on others as an uplifter. 

As Dr. Dyer reminds us, "keep in mind that what you think and do affects all other people." So, be happy. Reach for thoughts that feel good. Appreciate and give thanks, relish your worthiness, love, knowledge and freedom.


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