Apr 6, 2014

The Color of Dreams Blog Hop Reveal

Welcome to the Color of Dreams Blog Hop
the art beads of Patricia Handschuh
the jewelry art and designs of 50 artists

Today, 50 participating artists have created their dreams in art. Each artist has been given an orphan/ooak bead created by artist Patricia Handschuh of The Color of Dreams Boutique. The artists could create with the bead received in any way they wished, using their beads as inspiration for colorway, theme, technique. Artists were welcome to use additional Color of Dreams beads in their designs, as well as other artisan beads. The challenge was not limited to jewelry.

I created this challenge to celebrate Patricia's art -- beads that I find tranquil and inspiring, full of tropical color and beauty. Each bead is like a little piece of Floridian paradise, renewing and nurturing.  It's my joy to share Patricia's wonderful work from The Color of Dreams Boutique with our gifted community.

Beautiful Beads from The Color of Dreams Boutique

The Design Challenge

Share a dream that has come true, one you are working on now, or one you hope for in the future. The one goal of the hop: focus on our dreams as entirely possible, with the idea, "If we can dream it, we can achieve it." Create "from the end" -- as if the dream has already come true -- using your jewelry design to do so.

For my jewelry & dreams:

The Hedgehog

I started with the adorable hedgehogs Patricia makes. I love these little guys! 

I created beaded beads in peyote and RAW, and added a little sari silk to the triple ball copper findings. Although it's spring, to me these earrings carry a little autumn magic with them wherever they go. They are my dream because of the autumnal shades -- a way I can hold close the beloved fall season, even while happily living in Orlando! I adore Florida, and so many gifts have come true here for me and for my family; yet  Autumn is the one season I still feel a longing for.... So on go my hedge hog earrings and I'm there! Crunching as I walk along sidewalks full falling, turning leaves, golden in the sunset, breathing deeply the chilly air,  happy to have brought along a cup of warm coffee for my walk. 

As a power animal, the hedge hog represents someone who is curious and close to Mother Nature. The hedgehog as an animal totem reflects a person tuned into the weather (I'd be a storm chaser if I could! Another huge dream & one I like to imagine but know I won't do, so wearing my hedgehogs works well enough) who knows when rain and storms are coming, someone who disperses negativity and has a way of staying calm & practical, staying grounded through challenges -- always seeming to land on her feet! The hedgehog represents loyalty and honesty, female elder wisdom, energy, resourcefulness, inquisitiveness, protectiveness, enjoyment of life, intelligence.

Mandala bead pattern by Datz Catz Designs

Blue Roses

For my challenge of one pillow bead, I almost made a bracelet. I had everything set out -- pretty sapphire Swarovski bicones and rich Vintaj antique bronze findings & wire. But after sleeping and dreaming about our blog hop, I knew in an instant I wanted to make a beautiful beaded pendant with my pillow bead! Everything I needed to embellish the pretty periwinkle blue, cream, opaque mint and rust colored bead just seemed to appear as needed. And so I made a reversible beaded bezel full of lush sparkling embellished crystals and pearls. 

Flower Bezel pattern by Hannah Rosner

One side of the bead plays up the rust shades in the floral design and in the veins of the leaves and the blue shades of the flowers. It is embellished with Swarovski Tanzanite ABx2 bicones, blue freshwater pearls, and Chinese crystal elongated briolette drops.

The back of the pendant became a reversible focal. The crystals that support the elongated briolettes of the bezel adorn the bead by playing up the pretty mint green in the pattern with satin matte and AB bicones and sweet mint lined clear beads. I love both sides! And I love how easily the bead was to bezel and embellish! A perfect size and shape for beadwork. 

I almost thought I'd given all my Color of Dreams beads away for the hop, beside my hedgehogs, when I came across the blue flowers in an art bead bag. I remember Patricia had gifted me the beads with a purchase, and I had thanked her, explaining how I love blue roses and found it very cool that she gifted me my favorite floral motif! 

That was at least a year or two ago. I love how the special blue roses bead has now come to life! For me, it represents dreams coming true -- all dreams. The magic of life giving us what we wish for, what we love -- and the unique desires and dreams each one of us has that belong just to us. I love how our dreams make us who we are -- and as we grow and become, following our heart and soul, those desires become a diverse, harmonious, ever-expanding world. For that, for that magic of life: the infinity of dreaming, of wishing, of becoming I am so grateful. My dream is to remember that magic, to have hope and trust, to know and relish in the knowledge that anything is possible. 

My pendant honors my mom, Rosella, called Rose, who first taught me we can be, do, or have anything because to dream it is to create it. Her beauty, strength, love and wisdom is a part of me, a precious gift, forever! 

Love you, Rose. Hedgehog Hugs :)

The Giveaway

On Sunday, April 13 all Color of Dreams blog hop participants will be entered in a drawing to win this gorgeous bead set donated by Patricia Handschuh. The winner will be chosen using random.org. Good luck! The beads are stunning! 

The Artists Sharing the Color of Dreams:

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  1. Your creations are stunning! I love what you made! Thank you for having this blog hop!
    xox jean

  2. Rita thank you for this blog hop. I found Patricia's bead inspiring. Your creations are great. I had no idea of the meaning of hedge hogs. Your blue rose pendant is wonderful.

  3. Hi Rita, thanks for hosting this great blog hop. I love the beads Pat made for us. And I love how you did your pendant. Seed beading is something I am getting into and I love see others work. Great piece.

  4. these beads are so beautiful!!! love what u have created! very nice!!
    Moxie Craftie

  5. Oh, I do love those hedgehogs! And the blue rose pendant is simply beautiful. What wonderful dreams you convey through your art... Thank you so, so much for sharing--and thank you so, so much for organizing this blog hop! :D

  6. Adorable hedgehogs! I always like double sided charms and pendants myself; great way to integrate all the colors and now you can pick which mood you're in whenever you want to wear it.

  7. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with Patricia's beautiful bead. It has been very inspiring, and in itself a dream come true: getting more creative, coming up with new ideas (something that didn't come too easy to me before... it still doesn't all the time, but I am getting better every day).

    Both your pieces are beautiful: I love hedgehogs both in real life and in your huggable version :) And the Rose is simply perfect! Your mom was right: we are what we dream, and we have the power to make our dreams come true.

  8. Hi Rita. This post and the blog hop have been incredibly interesting to me. I'm amazed how each artist created such unique pieces with their one bead. Patricia's beads sure did inspire DREAMS!

    I love the info on those cute little hedgehogs! The earring are wonderful.

    You're so talented....
    The reversible focal is stunning.

    Thank you for inviting me to be part of this blog hop.


  9. Visiting your blog and reading your posts is always such a positive experience, Rita :) You have such a can-do vibe and an affirming way of expressing it; I am always uplifted!

    I think your designs are beautiful, and a great example of how adornment can be meaningful and validating :) Thank you so much for challenging us to look deeply and share some of our dreams!

  10. Thank you Rita for this challenge and the beautiful bead. The earrinngs are so unique, I learned something new today, and the pendant is gorgeous.
    thanks again

  11. Rita - such beautiful creations. I LOVE the hedgehogs. I made a pair of earrings with Patricia's hedgehogs too! I was so blessed to have been paired up with Patricia for one of the Bead Soup Blog Parties. She is an inspiration, just like you. I am really enjoying hopping around and seeing all the pretty "dreams"! Thanks for hosting such an amazing hop.

  12. Beautiful beadwork, lovely sentiments, cool hedgehogs! Thanks for having the hop!

  13. What beautiful creations! Working your magic with those tiny beads has truly brought your designs to life.

    Thank you so much for holding this hop. I really needed a spur to cause me to focus on my dreams again.

  14. What a wonderful post Rita!!! Love your dreams and the way you make dreams come true for others!!! Love ya lots!!! This is a great Blog Hop! Have a Blessed Day!

  15. Awwwwwww, the hedgehogs are ADORABLE!

    And of COURSE I love the beadwork. STUNNING!!!


  16. Love the hedgehog earrings and the meaning behind the hedgehog. And wow! What a wonderful beaded focal with your bead. Love all the color in it. Thanks for letting me participate.

  17. The hedgehogs are adorable -- what a great way to hold a little reminder of autumn all year. But that reversible pendant is gorgeous, and even more wonderful as a salute to your mom. What a great idea for a challenge!

  18. Thank you so much for including me in your inspiring hop Rita. I just love your hedgehog earrings, autumn is my favourite season.

  19. I love the diversity between the hedgehog earrings and the bezel.

  20. What a fun hop this has been! You've def been a generous hostess. The hedgehog earrings are adorable. The double bezelled bead is stunning. I've yet to attempt anything like that, so am in awe of beading mavens like you. Thank you for letting us play :) Christie

  21. Thank you for hosting this blog hop Rita, you are very generous !!!


  22. Oh I do love those hedgehogs. Your pendant is stunning, I love that it is reversible and with two different looks...gorgeous. Thank you again for hosting this wonderful hop.

  23. Rita, thank you so much for hosting this blog hop. I really enjoyed working on my design and seeing what everyone has created. I just love those little hedgehogs and your dedication on your second piece is so touching. Thanks again!

  24. Thanks Rita for hosting this wonderfully fun hop and the beautiful beads. I love the "Rose" hedgehog earrings! & the pendant is beautiful! I also love seeing everyone's creations and reading their stories! So fun:)

  25. The bezel is stunning, so beautiful. The hedgehog earrings are happy whimsy - too cute.
    Thanks so much for have this blog hop and including me.

  26. Thank you much for the hop. I love the fact these hops can make you really dig inside of yourself. I love your two-sided Necklace, great idea.

  27. Rita, I loved to read ♥your inspiring story. The rose bead pendant is beautiful, "it makes the dreams come true", I love that sentence! and your 'hedgehogs! With the colour of ripe pumpkins in Autumn, such a great season! I'm sure there's is a lot of what the hedgehog represents, inside you...

    Big hug♥


  28. Rita,
    It is such an honor that you have used my beads for this blog hop.
    I am so amazed at all the creations that I have seen.I am really enjoying hopping around and seeing how everyone interpreted their dreams into a design. All of them have been so unique and creative. Your pendant is fabulous and so pretty.
    My dream is that my beads bring happiness and enjoyment in the creating and wearing of the piece.
    Thanks for hosting such an amazing hop.


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