Sep 7, 2014

Anchors Aweigh!! Blog Hop Featuring Suburban Girl Studio

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Today we are sharing our designs created with beautiful porcelain anchors by

Featured artist: Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio
SGS on Facebook: Suburban Girl Studio, LLC 
SGS blogs: Suburban Girl Studio
                                                                           Art Jewelry Elements

20 artists were chosen to receive a PAIR of porcelain 
ceramic anchor art charms in either stormy seas or sapphire.
On Sunday, September 14th, a winner will be chosen to
receive $25 gift certificate to Lima Beads! 


I fell in love with the stormy seas green. The color is mysterious, 
and powerful; yet gentle and awe-inspiring. 

Anchors in sapphire from Suburban Girl Beads.
Anchors in stormy seas from Suburban Girl Beads.

 The strength that anchors represent -- and the nautical theme of our design challenge, sailing, 
inspired me to create Northern Stars in chainmaille.  I love the symbol
 of the Northern Star  -- guidance, navigation & connection. 

A variation of Byzantine weave, 
you'll find a wonderful free tutorial at The Beadman's website

I added Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens' "Sparkling Rocks" (see Glass Bead Art Lampwork), 
Swarovski erinite AB crystals,  Czech fire polished beads, and crystal rondelles 
gifted to me  for BSBP8 by the talented Bobbie Rafferty of BeadSong Jewelry.
I love the elements of the earrings: art by Diana and Maryse,  beads from 
artists and friends I respect -- inspiring women, anchors in our community.

Participating Artists

Featured & Honored Artist:        Diana Ptaszynski

Diana's Shop:                           Suburban Girl Beads

Diana's Blogs:                          Suburban Girl Studio
                                                 Art Jewelry Elements

Hostess: TJ                               Jewel School Friends

Bobbie Rafferty                         Beadsong Jewelry

Chris Eisenberg                         Wanderware

Heather Richter                         Desert Jewelry Designs

Michelle McCarthy                    Firefly Design Studio

Kathy Lindemer                         Bay Moon Design

Dini Bruinsma                            Angaza by Changes

Cynthia Machata                       Antiquity Travelers

Kathleen Breeding                     99 Bottles of Beads on the Wall

Linda Younkman                       Lindy's Designs

Robin Reed                                  Artistry HCBD

Marla Gibson                              Spice Box Designs

Gina Hockett                               Freestyle Elements

Renetha Stanziano                      Lamplight Crafts

Marianne Baxter                          Simply Seablime Jewelry      

Christina Miles                             Wings N Scales

Marybeth Rich                            A Few Words from Within the Pines

Shai Williams                              Shaiha's Ramblings

Cheri Reed                                  Creative Designs by Cheri

Monique Urquhart                      A Half-Baked Notion

Jennifer Reno                             Musings of a Crafty Jenny

Shirley Moore                             Beads and Bread

Tammy Adams                           Paisley Lizard

Melissa Trudinger                       Bead Recipes

Be sure to check back next Sunday, Sept. 14th.  I'll be sharing our Anchors Aweigh!! Glossi  magazine with all the designs from the blog hop, and will announce the winner of a $25.00 gift certificate to Lima Beads.

Thank you Diana for making beautiful beads! It's an honor to feature your work today, and an honor to create with all the artists of Anchors Aweigh!! Namaste & Great appreciation -- Rita


  1. Love the stars with the anchors; the metal adds to the strength of what anchors symbolize. The sparkling beads brighten up the design, like sunlight on water. I thought about trying chainmaille for this challenge but I wasn't quite ready to dive in. Thanks for a great theme and another fun hop.

  2. Oh Rita I LOVE these earrings! star chainmaille? the colors, the stones, the theme ... they are such a romantic pair of earrings! I really need to try chainmaille ... I just love what I see both you and Tanya doing with this technique!

  3. Amazing wire work. I love the colors you put together.

  4. Your earrings are great. I love that chainmaille star design!

  5. Rita, I loved the sapphire charms I received, but these "stormy" colours are also exceptional. I live near the coast of the North Atlantic so stormy seas are a regular feature :) The design you created is stunning, with lots of lyrical contrast and meaningful symbolism. Thanks so much for generously providing these components, and for being a tireless booster for handmade!

  6. I just love those earrings. They are perfect.

  7. Those are really striking. This design is a perfect example of using all artisan pieces that compliment each other without competing--without one outshining the other. You can still admire each component individually, while appreciating that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

  8. Gorgeous earrings! I just love the symbolism behind them.

    And thank you so much for hosting this hop!

  9. Oooh, so pretty! I really like the green anchors, and your earrings turned out just lovely. I am a fan of chainmaille and your stars are awesome! THANKS for the challenge and blog hop!!!

  10. Ohhhh I love the chainmaille! Wonderful! Thanks for hosting this wonderful hop! Namaste!

  11. Hi Rita, Your north star chainmaille is the perfect compliment to the anchors charms as sailors guided their ships by the stars. Your earrings are beautiful.

  12. Oh those are so pretty! You always find the most wonderful beads to highlight your design.

  13. Hi Rita, You are always finding something new to design that inspires and surprises the rest of us! I love the Northern stars and can imagine so many other ways to use them. The anchors are great focals in themselves but top them with shimmering stars and your earrings go from fine to fabulous!

  14. That's very special, Northern Stars chainmaille... lovely!!! The colours of the earrings are stunning, I can it even see a bit of the Northern Light in them.... Although that's a different subject (-: Love it!

  15. Wow! These are gorgeous! I love the Northern Stars! Thank you again for hosting an awesome hop!

  16. Hi Rita,
    Your earrings are beautiful. I love the northern star chain maille star you made to go with the anchors.

  17. Rita, I love your earrings, they are beautiful in each representation---beautiful in looks, beautiful in spirit, and beautiful in meaning. The components are brilliant together, and the North Star ties them to each other---and to us. Thank you for hosting this blog hop, I am honored to be part of it, and part of this community. I, and so many others, appreciate what you do for each artist that is featured. Thank you, and thank you. Gina H

  18. Life has been totally crazy. It just hit me that I never commented on your post! Duh!
    I love chainmaille, and the look of these earrings is just perfect. The Northern Star theme works so well with Diana's bead. Thank you once again for being the 'hostess with the mostess'!!

  19. Beautiful, recently going to buy Swarovski jewelry dress themselves, found a swarovski boucles d oreilles seemingly good.


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