Sep 13, 2014

Sea Shell Design Challenge Reveal

I love celebrating artists who create beads! (And jewelry artists, too) I'm just not a bead maker, nor do I wish to be, but using art beads for inspiration makes my heart sing! I love how each artist's work is unique, and how one handcrafted work of art can inspire jewelry art in all kinds of techniques and styles. 

So, when I saw the ceramic scallop shells by Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio, I immediately thought "design challenge!" for one of my FB beading groups -- one Michelle is a member of, too. And so, I sent out all the lovely, OOAK shells, keeping the lovely pink & blue shell for my own design, and now, here it is, reveal day! 

I started by creating all kinds of beaded coral, thinking of making a necklace like the one at ArtBeads: "Siren's Song" 

"Siren's song" Free Beadwork & Kumihimo tutorial by ArtBeads

I made coral for a week, but upon waking early one morning, just felt it was so much better to create less of a statement necklace and more of a simple necklace, one I could easily wear. I don't wear jewelry often, but wanted something that would look Floridian & light & pretty. I went with simple chain maille that accentuated the color of the shell, with bright copper & anodized aluminum in turquoise. And I added lampwork I'd kept near the ceramic scallop shell for a couple months as they seemed to go together -- lovely perfectly sized blue opal & silvered ivory beads by Maryse of Glass Bead Art Lampwork -- from Luxembourg, Luxembourg! 

Blu Opal & Silvered Ivory Simple Yet Perfect Lampwork beads by Glass Bead Art Lampwork

 I really like my finished necklace! 

My friend Sherri Stokey of "Knot Just Macrame" is also in the group, and she created a gorgeous macrame work of art for the challenge! Although we are posting in our Facebook group, she also shared her reveal on her blog. Her design is so gorgeous! Take a look!

And my friend Melissa Trudinger of Bead Recipes posted on her blog, too, as well as in our group! I'm so lucky to get to know artists like Sherri & Melissa -- here is another gorgeous work of jewelry art! Take a look at Melissa's design too!

  In Florida, I'll be wearing my shell necklace long into the year. I do love the necklace's elegance and soft colors and easy style. Thank you Michelle & other bead artists for your wonderful work. And thank you everyone who participated in the Sea Shell Design Challenge in our group! Your talents and all your jewelry designs are amazing and inspiring! 


  1. Really lovely design the lampwork beads go so well with the beautiful shell!

  2. I like that you went for an elegant design in the end

  3. This is such a lovely piece! The cool aqua colors are perfect together!

  4. Thank you my friend!! I love how your necklace came out and you have the start of another great design with all the lovely coral you made!!

  5. Thanks for the mention, ma'am :) AND for hosting such a fun challenge in our little group. I really enjoy participating and it motivated me to push my creativity a little bit without the pressures of voting or selling. It was creating for the sheer joy of creating and reminded me why I started designing in the first place. And I want to see the coral you made :)

  6. Those beads are just perfect with that pretty shell. It's simple but elegant. Great design!

  7. The things you do with color and jump rings dear! Love, love, love this necklace! It is bright and happy and peaceful, all at the same time! Congrats!!


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