May 6, 2012

Dale "Cougar" Armstrong: Internationally Acclaimed & Award Winning Wire Jewelry Artist, Author, & Instructor

Photo © Dale Armstrong. All rights reserved.

International wire jewelry artist, author, and instructor Dale "Cougar" Armstrong will be the Jewel School guest expert Sunday, May 6 and Monday, May 7, 2012. If you are new to Jewel School, you can check for a channel in your area on the JTV website, or you can simply watch LIVE right on Facebook . Ms. Armstrong will present excellent choices in Eurotools and an exciting opportunity to pre-order her new Jewel School wire arts dvds, "Wearable Wire Art Bracelet Basics"and "Wearable Wire Art Pendant And Earring Basics" (scheduled to ship around May 16).

Original tutorial dvds will be updated
Dale Cougar Armstrong is known as the "Picasso of Wire Jewelry Arts" with over forty years combined experience in creating award winning classic wire art designs. She not only was the very first Jewel School expert, she was instrumental in the very creation of Jewel School on JTv with her original DVD series on wire jewelry arts, "Beads and Wire" and " Wire Wrap One Step Further" in stock now.  Armstrong is also the  Education Consultant for Wire-Sculpture, offering a series of highly acclaimed instructional DVDs and products there as well. 

Beadalon's kit made just for Armstrong
As member of the Beadalon Design Team Armstrong has had several German style wire kits made in her honor and available on Jewel School.  Her best selling book "Wirework: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Wire Wrapping" now includes an accompanying tutorial DVD. The popular book and DVD set is available at many retailers, and is available as an immediate download for your computer at the Interweave Store for Beading Daily.

Armstrong is an inspirational wire jewelry artist, teaching classic techniques so that her students may create their own unique wire jewelry art designs. She will be teaching two classes at the new Jewel School Institute facility during the summer workshop, June 21-23, along with other Jewel School /Beadalon designers Fernando Dasilva, Julianna Hudgins, Sandra Younger, Carole Crye, and Patti Bullard. The cost for all three days is $600, or $250 per day. Participants receive a $75 discount on all three days if workshop is purchased before  May 15, 2012. For information on how to register, send your name and daytime phone number to, or call 1-888-515-0202. 

Designs will be taught at the Jewel School Institute this summer.
Designs © Dale Armstrong. All rights reserved.

 Armstrong's class "Double Trouble"  will teach two designs, a heart pendant and swirling earrings. Students will create a beautiful pendant using a puffed heart, and in doing so, will learn the techniques and formulas for making virtually anything into a pendant. Students will also create mirror image earrings with an "orbital" design using gemstones or crystals. The "Double Trouble" designs will be created using traditional wire methods for all skill levels, including beginners. Armstrong writes in the summer workshop registration, "Both projects are fun to make, best sellers, and make great gifts!"

Designs © Dale Armstrong. All rights reserved.

Additionally, Dale Cougar Armstrong is offering the course "Crystal Chaos" for intermediate level students. The class will use traditional wire methods to create freeform prongs for  Swarovski Rivoli crystal pendants. Students will learn the techniques and formulas for calculating the length of prongs, choosing the appropriate wire gauges, executing bails to the front of pendants, and how to set prongs without chipping or damaging your focal. As  Dale "Cougar" Armstrong says in the summer workshop registration, students will create this "stunning pendant" as they learn important techniques that can be utilized later in many designs of their own.

Labradorite Cab from Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
 Dale Cougar Armstrong is a rockhound, an international artist, and a technique instructor, rather than simply a project instructor. She teaches wire art techniques and formulas so students aren't just copying her designs, but are able to utilize those formulas and traditional wire techniques to create original jewelry of their own. That said, you may want to explore some of Armstrong's publications in order to  practice the art of wire technique. You can purchase the 2006 Step By Step Wire Jewelry DVD collection that includes Armstrong's projects “Festooned Cabochon Necklace” -- “Touch of Class” -- “Classic Elegance”, and Pearl Chandelier Earrings  or the 2007 Step by Step Wire Jewelry DVD Collection including Armstrong's instructional article “Icy Blues”, which uses snap settings to "create a sparkling neck-piece." Or how about Armstrong's wonderful article “'Pet Panache' Springtime Sparkles for your pet featuring collars by Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong" published in "Bead Unique"?   

Drusy and beads from Jewel School for VOD
You'll find two video tutorials for free on Jewel School's weekly project VOD page. One project,"Artistic Wirewrap" is taught by former Jewel School host Sheree Henry using drusy cabs and beads, and the other project, "Margot and Dale: Wire Pendant"  is taught by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong and features a free form technique of wire wrapping focal beads. Most importantly, treat yourself and explore the amazing wire jewelry art of Dale "Cougar" Armstrong in her gallery "Cougar's Creations" ! You'll see why she is known as the "Picasso of Wire Art" and why we are incredibly fortunate to have Dale "Cougar" Armstrong as an instructor, guest expert, and inspirational artist at Jewel School. 

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