May 4, 2012

Pretty Things: My First Published Article (and a give away with AD/Adornments!)!

Stringing. Wyatt White said its coming back & coming back BIG. And personally, as a jewelry artisan I find stringing the most challenging of all techniques. Stringing is true art. In stringing it is color, shape, texture, pattern, form, and rhythm that is design. No fancy technique to lean on in order to create a sense of awe. No practiced skill to carry the jewelry. Stringing is either good or not, either works or does not. It takes courage to string. Yet, ironically, stringing is often overlooked as a jewelry art. We often associate more success and give more credit to a fancy technique than we do stunningly beautiful strung jewelry. We may even overlook strung jewelry completely in contests and in challenges.

Lori Anderson not only addresses stringing as art in her first published article, she blows any doubt into oblivion with examples of stringing work that will convince you to never think of stringing as anything less than true art ever again. She has long been on the very top of my list of jewelry designers, and I can look at her work, read her literary art, and enjoy the Bead Soup community endlessly with great joy, inspiration, interest and appreciation. Check out the sneak peak of her article and find out how Anderson makes stringing art. You're jewelry design will be so much the richer!

Pretty Things: My First Published Article (and a give away with AD/Adornments!)!

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