May 3, 2012

LEXI ERICKSON Workshop Dvd on Hand Finishing Metalwork

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The amazing Lexi Erickson has a new DVD Workshop: Hand Finishing Jewelry. Enter a new era in your ART CLAY or metal clay jewelry designs as you:

    Get a flawless finish with filing and sanding techniques made easy.
    Uncover expert advice on how to add a glint of sparkle with a burnisher.
    Incorporate timeless techniques to give your pieces soul, spirit, and unique flavor.
    Create intricate patterns and effects with the addition or removal of patinas.
    Learn hand finishing must-knows like putting scratches in to take scratches out.
    Discover the right tools and materials to achieve the look you desire.
    And much, much more!

 Lexi Erickson is an established, award winning expert in metalwork for Lapidary Journal & more, and I'm so pleased I  recently discovered her work when the infamous Jim Lawson photographed her jewelry in his new amazing, essential dvd How to Photograph Your Jewelry ($15 for immediate download & omg, so GOOD -- buy it!! Just buy it!!). Both Jim Lawson (just start looking at who photographs the jewelry for just about every jewelry magazine out there) & Lexi Erickson are the best! And I love the idea of knowing what to do with my metal work after I have soldered, pickled, and rinsed . . . and am thinking, "ok, now what?" LOL.. (btw, there is also a link for a DVD workshop on using machines to finish metalwork on the same page if you prefer machine finishing, such as using a flex shaft).

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