Jun 19, 2012

The Forecast Calls For ... Give-a-Ways!

The current forecast calls for Nimbus clouds -- the perfect weather for jewelry photography! And predictions for July look like summer fun is on the way as Jewel School Friends explores the ins and outs of creating online jewelry businesses, with helpful give-a-ways for Christmas in July! Photography domes, business software, and earring stands are all in store for the blue skies of summer.

Now through June 22, the Nimbus photography dome is available at a special "kickstarter" cost of $60 with free shipping, $19 less than the retail price. Brought to the market by the makers of the Cloud Dome, the Nimbus is a compact dome designed to work with smart phones in order to make jewelry photography a breeze. 

Check out the Nimbus dome in action as two jewelry artists take 50 pictures each in under 15 minutes, with great results:

The Cloud Dome

Previously an exclusive product of Rio Grande, the "Cloud Dome" is now available at Jewel School for artisans looking to create fine quality photos of their handcrafted jewelry for publication, sales, and contests. Both the Cloud dome and the Nimbus dome create ambient light for macro photography, similar to the natural light of an overcast day, producing soft shadows and ideal lighting, even at night. 

The Cloud Dome Earring Stand

Additionally, the makers of the Cloud Dome have created an easy, professional way to take excellent photos of the most challenging type of jewelry to photograph: earrings. The product uses the reflection of free hanging earrings for the perfect shot. The Cloud Dome earring stand works with the Cloud dome, or your tripod and camera, for an awesome price of $40 at the Facebook shopping mall

Smilde's real Nimbus clouds in empty gallery spaces in Amsterdam
I'm delighted to offer this sneak peek into the current Nimbus dome special pricing and look at the forecast for fun during July's upcoming events and hot prizes. Like artist Berndnaut Smilde, you may find you control the weather -- with a Nimbus cloud in your living room! ;)


  1. I've used the Nimbus Cloud Dome and love the easy set up and the great photos I've been able to take with it for jewelry clients.

  2. All I have to say is this is so awesome. What a great giveaway & pricing. Although I've never had the opportunity to use the Dome, I have heard only wonderful things, plus, there is proof in the pictures. Way to go!


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