Jun 3, 2012

The Jewel School Institute June Workshop: Instructors, Projects & Class Schedule

Jewel School really rocks!
In December of 2007, the world's largest gemstone retailer, JTV, launched the DVD "Jewel School Basic Wire Wrapping" featuring Dale Cougar Armstrong. The DVD was a Holiday special, offered by host Dawn Tesh (who became a host ten years ago, about the same time I started watching, when JTV had only 40 employees! :) who had the idea of finding a wire-wrap instructor for a DVD that could be sold on JTV's gem-side to customers who might be interested in learning wire-wrap arts for all the amazing stones they purchased. "Jewel School Basic Wire Wrapping" was aired for free on Christmas day as a gift to customers, and a wire wrapping kit was created to kick off the New Year, chock full of gold-filled and sterling silver wire galore and a hand-full of too small cabs ;). It was the beginning of something great as JTV, with the continued expertise of Dale Cougar Armstrong, produced two more instructional Jewel School Armstrong DVDs and added, per customer request, gemstrands of beads and small jewelry making kits to their online inventory.

The original Jewel School DVD series with Dale Cougar Armstrong
As Armstrong's Jewel School DVDs were praised by customers, Jewel School grew to become popular with both jewelry-side and gem-side customers alike, and Jewel School alumni - men and women like "Lizzie Lee" "Moonglade" and top reviewer "Share" - cheered Jewel School into a show, and later, an entire program of jewelry arts with the hiring of Margot Potter as Jewel School  Education and Creative Coordinator in 2010.

Margot Potter explores High Fashion Inspired Jewelry Design
While there had been an instructional DVD on General Beading by Diane Norman produced in 2008 for those interested in beading the new gemstrands and kits available online, Potter's talent brought Jewel School completely full circle. Potter created three  Jewel School DVDs exploring "The Art of Making Earrings, Bracelets, & Necklaces" -- as well as a special DVD on "High Fashion Designs" (which might be credited with starting, or at least predicting, the current trend of feather jewelry that would soon follow!)

Margot Potter's DVD series for Jewel School.
Jewel School now offered a variety of jewelry making resources focusing on various  techniques, and all the products needed to create handcrafted jewelry galore. Gifted with Margot Potter's presence, Jewel school opened the doors of possibility. As Margot Potter shared her experience, networking, and expertise with customers, she made Jewel School cool. By 2012, the show "Jewel School" was broadcast four mornings a week.

One of the first Jewel School products, the wirework mousepad!

Today, Jewel School has the amazing "guru of Jewel School" Christiane Ross and the beloved, encouraging host Kim Prentiss leading the way. Guest experts and new talent frequent the weekly shows, and Jewel school's new  position as a sponser of PBS' popular "Beads Baubles & Jewels" makes Jewel School accessible to anyone interested in learning jewelry arts, while offering the products needed to begin creating. Jewel School viewers learn the best and the latest in handcrafted jewelry techniques and styles, and have access to the best and latest jewelry products too.  

The first jeweler's tools sold on JTV work well 8 years later!

As one of the Jewel School original alumni who shared in the beginning of something great in 2007 as Dawn Tesh brought us Dale Cougar Armstrong and the first Jewel school instructional DVDs (as well as two new Armstrong DVDs just released), I'm delighted to once again share in the beginning of something great: THE JEWEL SCHOOL INSTITUTE.

Jewel School has evolved to include a learning center! The Jewel School Institute is open for classes this summer, offering its very first workshop series, "Metal, Glass, Wire and Knots" June 21-23, 2012 at Knoxville, Tennessee.

The cost for the entire 3 day workshop is $600, or $250 per day. Each day, students will be able to choose two classes, with a morning class and afternoon class to attend. (Lampworking, however, is the exception: it is an 11 hour class on Friday & Saturday open to 12 people. See contact info below for cost and further information) Each class creates one jewelry project. Thus, students may purchase one day of the workshop, or two classes, or a maximum of six classes in three days. Here's the class schedule:

Below are the instructors and their classes for the "Metal, Glass, Wire and Knots" series as listed in the JSI catalog:  

Classes offered by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong:
"Double Trouble"
Skill level: Beginning/All * Technique: traditional wire*Class size:20*Class length:4 hours*Room: 09
"Crystal Chaos"
Skill level: Intermediate* Technique: traditional wire*Class size: 20*Class length: 4 hours*Room: 09

 Classes offered by Patti Bullard:
"Silver in Motion - Spinner Ring"
Skill level: All* Technique: soldering and metalworking*Class size: 12*Class length: 3hours*Room: 05

"Spring Blossoms Argentium Silver Pendant & Earrings"
Skill level: All* Technique: Fusing & soldering Argentium silver & wireworking*Class size: 12*Class length: 3hours*Room: 05

Class by Carole Crye
"Beginning Lampworking"
Skill level: Beginner* Technique:Lampworking*Class length: 11 hours (Fri/Sat)*Room:8A Studio

Classes offered by Fernando Dasilva:
Skill level: Beginner* Technique: Stringing, crimping, looping & hands free wire wrapping*Class length: 3 hours*     Class size: 20*Room: see above
"Spray deco Necklace"
Skill level: Beginner* Technique: Stringing, crimping, looping & hands free wire wrapping*Class length: 3 hours*     Class size: 20*Room: see above

Classes offered by Julianna Hudgins:
"Wire Infused Cuffed Goddess Bracelet" 
Skill level: All* Technique: Shape & flatten heavier Artistic wire using a chasing hammer & bench block; work with copper, beads, & wire shapes; make a wire clasp*Class length: 3 hours*Class size: 25* Room: 12
"Harlequin Medallion Necklace"
Skill level: Beginner* Technique:Working with thin & heavier Artistic wire & creating a finished clasp                           Class length: 3 hours*Class size: 25 *Room: 12

Classes offered by  Sandra Younger:
"Sophisticated Macrame Wrap Bracelet"
Skill level: All* Technique:Knotting using the Knotty Do It All*Class length: 3 hours*Class size: 20*Room: see above
"Over-hand Knotted Bracelet with Secrets"
Skill level: All* Technique:Knotting using the Knotty Do It All*Class length: 3 hours*Class size: 20*Room: see above

To see if classes that interest you still have openings available, or to register for the workshop, call 1-888-515-0202. You may pay by either credit card or e-check.

The JSI Summer Workshop Series

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