Jun 16, 2012

Toolbox Challenge & Blog Hop

Jewelry artist Skye of Creative Chaos had a great jewelry making challenge in honor of Father's Day:  look for treasures in "his" toolbox to use in jewelry, finding items "in 'his world' to use in yours ;)" she suggested. 

The jewelry challenge is a quick one for me. Much like the very fitst Jewel School challenges, I had one day -- well, one afternoon really -- to come up with a jewely design, create it, and post pictures! 

There were more goodies than I expected in the toolbox, and I enjoyed this fast paced, fun jewelry challenge and blog hop!

My toolbox treasures

I'm proud to say I actually completed the Toolbox Challenge! Although I'd like to add some earrings to match (and have the toolbox treasures, panda beads, sparkling spacers, and gunmetal findings ready to go) I did complete a necklace using a dark, not quite gunmetal, not quite black 6-sided nut and large piece of chain found in our toolbox. I have additional washers for the earrings, and I'm surprised to say, I like how it all turned out! 

So, here is my Toolbox Challenge jewelry. I used black mother of pearl discs, black chain, jasper, rainbow calsilica, a black bolt, a large piece of toolbox chain, a glass focal bead, and Swarovski crystal.

A great challenge! I can't wait to add the washer & panda bead earrings ;)

The nut and chain were great starting points!

I like the bright blue jump ring and crystals against the gunmetals.

And now to hop! Here are the other participants in the TOOLBOX CHALLENGE & HOP. Enjoy! :) 

and of course, our host


  1. ooh! That's unusual. Well done! :)

  2. excellent work! Love the colors you chose with the blacks:D Glad to have you join us :) And you made it in before the deadline, too ;) Awesome :)

  3. That is very pretty and creative.
    I just posted my piece a day late.

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful! I could so easily see myself wearing this!


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