Sep 26, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday: Sewing and Sequins

It's bead table Wednesday, and I'm running behind after getting hit hard with the meanest cold (flu?) I've had in twenty years. It seriously hurt to breath, and a week later, I'm still not recovered, but the bead goes on! And we all know the next few months only get busier and busier, so I'm crossing my fingers that with the quiet, cozy early Autumn mornings and my fuzzy warm slippers, I shall  keep on moving and groovin' towards my jewelry making goals.

This week I have sequin soup on my bead table. I'm preparing for the Sequintastic September blog hop by Saturday Sequins upcoming on September 29, and my sweet spouse went shopping, bringing me a big bag of sequins -- all sizes and colors. I'm keeping it simple, and that's ok. It feels nice to be working with sequins, embroidery thread and a wooden embroidery ring this week. And I'm so glad to have found some cool youtube tutorials on creating sequin and bead flowers! 

Which brings me to the next nurturing activity on my bead table today: sewing. 

My machine is history, and so I've spent several nights watching "Little House on the Prairie" while sewing like I live in one. Very s-l-o-w-l-y by hand. And while I have occasional thoughts about how nicely and quickly I'd have sewn my vintage cotton bags using a modern machine, I've enjoyed the ritual. The pattern is summery, or rather Floridan, with colors of pink and orange and happy lady bugs. The vintage cotton feels good to hold, smells so nice and clean washed up and ironed, and the rhythm of the stitch work is meditative. Made with love, and imperfect, I like my project :) 

Florida September days are bright, sunny days :)

I also have very important beads on my bead table today: Pantone beads! Right now the ten colors in gemstrands are in one big, wild pile, waiting to be chosen as finalist beads (actually they're in a cool box), and they sorta look like I feel: indecisive and panicked! 

I had a wonderful time swapping beads with Tina Holden in the  Summer Pantone bead exchange, so why am I so silly nervous about the fall bead exchange? Because I am Pantone Bead Swap partners with Lori Anderson herself! She is the host of the Pantone Bead Swap and the Bead Soup Blog Parties, which means I am swapping beads with the Queen of beads and art jewelry. I am honored and nervous and excited and hope to send beads she will like to use!

Lori's book, "Bead Soup" arrived in the mail today, and I can't wait to relax and read it tonight, and then attend the blog hop for the contributors of the book next week. The Bead Soup Book Blog hop runs October 1-8, and will be a great way to learn about style, different designers and techniques using wire arts, metal work, gemstone beads, art beads, and seed beads.

And finally, working from bed has been inspirational for the upcoming Holiday Bling Blog Hop on October 6th hosted by the gifted Marlene Cupo of "Amazing Designs by Marlene" and Shelly Graham Turner of "Fabric of My Life" because I look out my window every day. This has been right on target for the Holiday swap projects Shelly and I decided on as partners in the event.

I just received shelly's Holiday bling, and it is awesome! I love it! we stepped outside the box for our exchange and it rocks. I won't spoil the surprise, so visit Marlene and Shelly's Holiday Bling Blog Hop on October 6th to find out the mystery. 

So, there you have it! My bead table this Wednesday. What's on your bead table?


  1. Oh dear! I'll be sending you healing energy <3 Get well soon!
    You have so many intriguing projects, I'm breathless :-D

  2. Thank you Mags, my dear friend -- you inspire me with your consistent, gorgeous work -- you are always making new, beautiful jewelry!!!


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