Sep 13, 2012

In the Pink for Lori Anderson

"Love yourself.  The rest comes after." -- Lori Anderson

This summer, I went pink!

I went pink to honor Lori Anderson, the amazing author, bead artist, Bead Soup Blog Party host, and jewelry designer with the cool pink hair!
Author, artist, designer Lori Anderson

Participants in Lori Anderson's "Bead Soup Blog Hop Party 6" were invited by jewelry designers Shelly Graham Turner and Sandra McGriff to a secret Facebook group celebrating Lori Anderson for all she does in the community, and to thank her for her group, the  "Bead Soup Cafe" on Facebook, and for hosting the 400 person 6th Bead Soup Party

Join us at Lori's Facebook group, "The Bead Soup Cafe'!

The idea: go pink for Lori by dying our hair pink for a surprise online book of participants' sentiments of appreciation and pictures of everyone's pink hair. The "in the pink" online tribute is a great way to let Lori know how dearly she is appreciated and loved for being the generous artist she is! Additionally, today is "In The Pink" day for Lori!


The "In The Pink" group was wonderful! Thank you for your hard work and technical savvy, Sandra McGriff, and for the online keepsake you've created. And thank you Shelly Turner for your hard work organizing and mediating the secret group and project! Likewise, special thanks to  Ambra Chicandfrog,   Lea Avroch, and Audrey Bélanger for all their hard work too! You all did such a wonderful job and gave so generously!

Lea Avroch's special in the pink goddess "Lori" bead !

 Going pink with Lori as a way to honor her courage and creativity has been a great experience. The wonderful community of jewelry and bead artists made it so much fun. 
The incredibly talented and lovely Lea Avroch of LA Jewelry designs even created a beautiful goddess bead with pink hair just for Lori! Isn't it awesome? 


As friends posted pictures of their pink hair in the secret "In The Pink" group, people cheered each other on and a spirit of freedom and courage and fun touched everyone. Pictures were shared as friends "went pink" -- including some adorable furry friends! My chihuahua also wanted to "go pink" so Pancho is happily playing with his pink hair puffle today :) I'm so glad that we all get to go pink and pay tribute to Lori today! 

Lori Anderson is the reason for this very blog! I created it just so Jewel School customers could know about Lori's Bead Soup Parties:) Lori is an uplifter who inspires people to create, connect, and grow. She cheers emerging jewelry artists on to try new techniques, to publish their work,  and to believe in themselves. Lori treats all artisans  with honor and respect, and she is kind and real. She is physically challenged, and makes being differently-abled Ok. Many artists, like me, with disabilities find courage from Lori; she exemplifies that persons with disabilities can do!

 Lori Anderson's blog, "Pretty Things" is the heart of the jewelry and bead artisan community! It's beautiful literature that changes life for the good. One of my favorite posts is entitled, "Evaluating What's Important." It's powerful: Lori encourages new jewelry designers to publish their work, to know that many people are amazing, to avoid cliques (who by nature will inevitably love some and reject others) and most of all, she encourages us to love ourselves.

My Pink Tribute & Reveal:

Thank you for your creativity, for your encouragement, for giving people the courage to believe in themselves, to try, to become more than they might have imagined.                 
Thank you for sharing success, and being real. Thank you for your humor, your kindness and love. Thank you for being a writer, for interpreting heart songs onto paper, for telling your story -- in words, in art, with time, with consistency, and with grace. Thank you for being you -- special, brave, imperfect, perfect, brilliant, multi-talented, multi-cultural, caring, considerate and one of the most amazing artists of our time. Thank you for creating and sustaining an incredible community of jewelry and bead artists - with blog hops, the Bead Soup Cafe, and all the art, events, and friendships that come from them. 

Thank you for being a leader, a winner, a mother and sister -- and most of all -- a friend!

Namaste, Toltec Jewels

It's going pink everywhere for Lori! Sharing the love & appreciation are many more pink reveals for Lori! Enjoy :)

IN THE PINK Tributes & Pink Reveals
Gail Vanderster-Zwang

Kelley Katherine Hagerty-Fogle

Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten

Mary Howell Govaars

   Lynnea Perry Bennett

Alicia Marinache

Courtney White Breul

 Andrea Beth Trank

Emoke Schmidt 

Sandi Marinaro Volpe

 Audrey Belangér

                     Shelley Graham Turner

Big Hugs, TJ


  1. WOW writing is so deep and loving. You have a real talent in expressing how you feel and encouraging others.... Love you! Shelley

  2. Beautiful post. Love all the pink inspirational pic. Sure Lori will too!

  3. Love your post Rita! You have many of the same qualities as Lori, both creative and giving.

  4. Totally and completely bawling. You look lovely in your pink, and I wish I had the proper words to thank everyone! I can't believe it was kept a secret for so long!

  5. You are wonderful and beautiful person. Loved your post.


  6. Beautiful post. I wish I would have thought to include my golden retriever, Bella, in the pink thing. She's definitely a girly dog - she would have loved it!

  7. Such a lovely idea and a great post too

  8. What a fabulous post! I had to speed read past some because MY eyes were beginning to water so I KNOW Lori had to grab the tissues ;)

  9. Wow your post was so touching. I love your pic with the pink hair, it really looks good on you :)

  10. What a wonderfully touching post! Now I'm a teary mess. All I can say is that between someone with a sweet spirit like Lori's and the beauty of beads, must be some magic that brings together some truly fantastic people. I am honored to have become a part of it and to be associated with such fantastic, caring, and thoughtful people like you! Namaste! :)

  11. You are so sweet! Love your post and your pink.

  12. What a lovely tribute to Lori! You describe her so well! --Sharyl

  13. Rita, It is an honour to be your beads friend. I am so touched with your post, I almost cry. Very deep and Thoughtful.

  14. How beautifully you've captured the heart of this tribute. So well done - thank you ~~Tricia

  15. Rita your post was so touching! You have done an amazing job writing a heartfelt story :)


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