Sep 11, 2012

Handcrafted with Love: Beading it Forward

Thanks to Kelli of Creative Moon Jewelry and Things for sharing her beautiful picture!

There is a fun event going through the handcrafted community: paying it forward with handcrafted! The energy of giving is contagious, and all around Facebook and blogs, people are sharing the love ... of handcrafted. I've jumped in to bead it forward to you because I love the idea that a few small acts of kindness become many acts of kindness and the kindness continues moving forward to more and more people! This event is sure to brighten many people's days. As Stephanie Stamper from "Rainy Day Designs" says, "I love getting something in the mail other than monthy bills. And I am sure you will too!" 

Here is how it works:

I will send a surprise handcrafted gift to three people sometime during the next 365 days for each one "pay it forward' handcrafted treasure I signed up to receive. Since I signed up to pay it forward on three different blogs, I've got a total of 9 handcrafted treasures to send out! Here are the 3 blogs that are paying it forward with me and sharing the love. They are great blogs! Check them out:

-- a beautiful blog by artist Stephanie Stamper that is just perfect to cozy up with and read on rainy days and more! You'll find gorgeous jewelry, blog hops, gentle water color art, butterflies and a wonderful vantage point of the world through an artist's and lovely mother's eyes. An endearing and uplifting blog! You will also find Rainy Day Designs on Etsy and Facebook.

-- a beautiful blog by artist Kelli Jacobson that includes her very own live internet radio station called "Moods of the Moon" (I enjoy the beautiful moon music whenever I'm online now :) and lots of gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, art beads, blog hops, and relaxing, healing energy. A nurturing, magical blog! You will also find Creative Moon Jewelry and Things on Facebook.  

 --  a beautiful blog with a wonderful motto, "living life with gratitude and sharing the joy of artistic creation' and an abundance of lovely,  distinctive handcrafted jewelry by Lisa Lodge, a featured designer for the Global genes project and a Bead Trends contributing artist. In addition to Lisa's gorgeous jewelry, you'll also find popular blog hops hosted by Lisa, such as "My Bead Table" upcoming on October 13 and the "Floral Holiday Hop" taking place December 1st. An empowering and sophisticated blog! You will also find Pine Ridge Treasures on Zibbet and Facebook.

Lisa has already payed it forward with handcrafted and sent me a wonderful gift. She surprised me with beautiful fossil bead earrings made just for me! I'm wearing them with love & appreciation right now, and they mean so much -- handcrafted with love is special.  This gift from Lisa will become 3 gifts from me.... Thank you Lisa! Aren't they beautiful?

Gracias Lisa, I love my beautiful new earrings!

 To join in and share the love of handcrafted, leave a comment below and include your email (if it isn't connected to your blog or google). I will send you a handcrafted gift, and in return you agree to send 3 more people a handcrafted gift sometime during the next 365 days. Since I am receiving 3 gifts from the blogs above, I am paying it forward by three times: a total of 9 people. So let's bead it forward and together we'll share the love :)



  1. Wow, Rita! I got all teared up reading your blog post (I am sentimental like that). :-) You are a super special person, and that clearly comes across in your writing. Thanks for participating in the Pay it Forward Event with me, and thanks for the kind words about my blog. I am so glad you like the earrings. Also, very nice summary of the other lovely ladies' blogs!

  2. Hi! I'd love to join you in Paying it Forward! I tried to do this on FB a while back but had no success, if you can believe it! I'll be happy to spread the love to three people as well.

  3. Hi, I should have added....(sorry to take up another comment)....I'm in Canada, if you'd rather not do that.

  4. That's fine. Canada is ok with me :) International is fine!

  5. I would love to participate in this Paying It Forward. Bay Moon Design

  6. this is such a beautiful idea! i want to join in! it's kind of funny, actually, because dear erin prais-hintz just sent me two of her gorgeous pendants as a gift to cheer me. i'll be setting up a post on my blog, too. thanks so much for this wonderful idea!

  7. I would love to sign up.. I have you down on my list :)

  8. thanks everyone for your kind words and for beading it forward with me :) I'm glad you just got a gift from Erin to cheer you up, indigo heart!

    there are still 5 places left.

  9. Rita, wow... I'm speechless!!! Thank you SO much!!! =) You are a dear! =) And I would be glad to bead it forward, yet again, with you! =)

  10. I had to wipe a few tears when I read your blog post. What you stated about our blogs are so endearing. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to make your special gift. Have a wonderful Thursday!


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