Mar 18, 2013

Lorelei Eurto's Resin Bauble Slider Challenge

Lorelei Hill Eurto came across some unusual and pretty resin baubles shopping Michael's craft stores, and decided to have a little impromptu challenge: create a design using the resin bauble sliders and blog hop on March 27th!

I crossed my fingers, hoping our Orlando Michael's would carry the unusual sliders. There were two packages of the pink and purple variety (see Lorelei's post for the pretty blue). I was in luck!

They are really pretty, shimmering and color changing, with facets.

Some sliders are all purple baubles, and some are pink and purple

The baubles are connected, four to a slider. 

 Lorelei gives the following instructions:  

Here are the details:

You must have a blog to participate.  (Don't have a blog? Learn how to start one using my easy ebook - it's for sale here!) 

 I am picking a fairly early reveal date for this challenge,  March 27th.

Keep this in mind when commenting- if you feel that you won't be able to create something in 2 weeks, you may not want to participate in the giveaway. International peeps- If you can get your hands on these, please feel free to play along.

On that date, we will blog about our final designs, and include links to all participants. Please make sure you get your blog links to me by March 26. so that I can distribute them to all of the participants.

Use your IMAGINATIONS! Come up with something NEW! Stretch your skills, think outside the box, and come up with something no one has done before! If it doesn't work out, that's fine!  I think there are so many options with this type of component- wire wrap them together, string them with beads, use them in 3 different pieces,  use ribbon! Use cording! Create a pendant using the sliders- layer them with other things!  Do something FUN and CREATIVE! And trust your FIRST instincts!

I love her advice. And when an artist like Lorelei shares tips for creating, I listen and take it to heart. Trust my first instincts. Ok, cool! Try new things even if they don't work out. Got it! Use my imagination. Ready! I am game for this challenge, and already having fun. 

Interested in the blog hop?  Find the resin bauble sliders at your local Michael's store, and get your blog post permalink to Lorelei no later than March 26th to participate. 

I also went on a little visit to Lorelei's little destashing shop on Etsy, "The Bead Pod"  (it's just like my Etsy coming soon --  a shop for destashing my gem, Czech, & art bead mixes). 

I love my purchases!

Greek Glass like birch tree --
just imagine it with turritella agate!
 Colorful & a variety of shapes! 
  My favorite, to replenish my stash!
 Wood focals to paint, resin, burn, or découpage

 Lorelei's books & blogging e-course:

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