Mar 29, 2013

Lorelei Eurto's Resin Bauble Slider Challenge Blog Hop

Lorelei Hill Eurto came across some unusual and pretty resin baubles shopping Michael's craft stores, and decided to have a little impromptu challenge: create a design using the resin bauble sliders and we'll blog hop! 

The resin baubles are sliders, four to a component, and they not only shimmer, but color change too.

 I have had so much FUN with this, enjoying my jewelry making with a light heart. As I looked at the baubles, I thought of summer, blowing bubbles, being a little girl and loving "dress up" glamour, and most of all -- I thought of goodness.

I thought of Glinda, the Good Witch :)

 I was excited to work with my resin also, and as I browsed  the Good Witch images for my new Lisa Pavelka resin and UV light pendants, I discovered the reason WHY the baubles reminded me of Glinda, the Good Witch: 

Of course, Glinda the Good Witch arrives in pretty, shimmery, color changing baubles/ bubbles! 

I created a Glinda Good Witch resin pendant, and strung AB quartz crystal and hessanite garnet to form a charm holder. For a little real magic, I wrapped a peach AB crystal wand and added a Swarovski moon. I also decided to create quartz crystal wand earrings too. 

Thank you, Lorelei for a wonderful challenge! I had a blast :) 

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Bauble Challenge Hop! 

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  1. This is pure genius Rita! :) Love it!

  2. Just perfect!! Not many people used the purple and peach set! I'm glad to see you play along and this was a fun challenge!! Thanks!

  3. This put a very big smile on my face and took be back to many wonderful childhood memories <3

  4. Oh Rita, what a wonderful theme for these! They really do remind me of Glenda the Good Witch! I love how your necklace tells that story. And how you used the resin piece up on the side as well. Great job!

  5. I love how the sliders were so sparkly on the inside and Glenda is wonderful inspiration for such a great necklace.

  6. Very imaginative. Like the way the baubles are integrated within the chain and pendant.

  7. What a fun interpretation! It's really beautiful how you've brought it to a well and truly sparkly goodness piece

  8. Beautiful ensemble, and definitely looks like something Glinda the Good would wear. Love the look of the charm collection

  9. I used the purple set too! I thought the color was very refreshing. I love that this made you think of Glinda the Good Witch. She did travel in a bubble that looked like that! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day. Erin


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