Mar 1, 2013

Take the Jewel School Challenge! Here's How:

with Jewel School Friends


JEWEL SCHOOL FRIENDS hosts weekly jewelry making challenges, occasional VISA gift card give-a-ways, and fundraising events. The weekly jewelry making challenges are designed to allow jewelry artists to expand their collection of designs, try new techniques, and build their jewelry making experience on a regular weekly basis. 


Here's the Jewel School Weekly Challenge: 

1) Challenges run Thursday to Thursday. To participate, artists work from any one product (or more) from Jewel School's weekly products. Each weekly challenge has about 300 products to design from, including various techniques and styles of jewelry design. The links to browse the weekly Jewel School products are posted with each new weekly challenge announcement every Thursday. You'll find the current weekly challenge products pinned to the top of the Jewel School Friends Facebook community page each week.


2) It is not necessary to purchase any product from Jewel School in order to participate. Jewelry Challenges, fundraisers, and occasional prizes are not directly affiliated with Jtv. The Jewel School product links are meant to be used as inspiration for new designs, to spark ideas, or to try new techniques. The product used in your design -- for example, say 18 gauge copper coated wire -- can be purchased from any jewelry supplier. Simply note the product you used as a basis of your design when posting your weekly challenge jewelry. 


3) Pictures or links to your jewelry can be posted every Thursday by 11:59 EST. Previously created jewelry is welcome as long as it includes a product listed for that week's challenge. Creating new designs each week, however, becomes a great way to stay inspired, keep your jewelry designs new and fresh, and build your skills and your store merchandise. You may post a picture of your jewelry to the JSF page, share a link to your FB album (please set your FB album to "public" to be visible to all), or a link to your website (including an Etsy or other store) featuring your weekly challenge jewelry here:


4) Along with your jewelry, please note the Jewel School product or technique that inspired your design. Also,  include the name your piece, if you wish, and name of your jewelry store. Please credit any resource -- artist, youtube video, tutorial, or book -- that inspired your design if your design is an exact copy or a tutorial project. Jewel School guest artists have commented on jewelry posted for the weekly challenges. It's truly wonderful to make handcrafted jewelry and have expert artists like Margot Potter, Dale "Cougar" Armstrong, Lauren Andersen, Christiane Ross, Fernando Dasilva, or Julianna Hudgins then praise your work; but not so great to forget to note an artist's inspiration or tutorial used to create your design.


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