Sep 17, 2013

Artisan Whimsy Patina Sunset Challenge

Patina Sunset Challenge

The super talented Melinda Orr is hosting a perfect Indian Summer challenge -- just as the light changes & the days grow shorter, and we ready our homes & lives for fall --  Paint the Sky with Patina!   

The challenge is hosted through her Facebook group,  Creative Bead Chat and can be entered at Artisan Whimsy, her online Arts community

I'm loving the challenge because I recently interviewed Lisa Liddy (interview upcoming) and I personally collect "Color Me This" hand-blended patinas just as I collect beautiful beads! "Color Me This" is a part of "Metal Me This" on Etsy, with over 30 patina colors to choose from! Colors are versatile, ranging from deep, rich shades to soft & subtle ones. 

Colors like "Spice" shown above, "Retro" (Pepto Pink, Cornflower Blue, & Tangerine) and "Tahiti" (Sea Green, Orchid, & Black Pearl) come in 3 packs -- as well as 6 packs. The mix & match sets allow you to choose colors like Red Velvet, Paprika, Sapphire, Inca Gold. And then there's my favorite, buy by the dozen.

I think I have almost every color Lisa has blended! 

My Entry for the Patina Sunset Challenge:

I created both patina components and handcrafted jewelry using those components for both parts of the challenge with my October earrings! I used Color Me This ifn turquoise and paprika to color the copper discs, and added copper splashes made from heating copper to liquid & cooling. I used a copper splash in warm gold and rose and pumpkin tones on top of  the cool vivid turquoise patina, and reversed this with cool olive and peridot greens and iris violet tones on top of the spicy paprika patina. I then sealed the patina and splashes with Permalac in matte to ensure the colors would stay a long time. Lastly, I punched holes in the bottom of the copper discs and added owls by Andrew Thornton. I love the textured, imperfect look of the sky & sunset patinas along with the random shapes & colors of the copper splashes & the hammered look of the brass owls. 

I call the earring design, "Under a Spell"  for the mesmerizing effect a gorgeous sunset has on us. I have found myself many times standing in awe, enchanted, under a spell created the gorgeous colors of the sky at sunset. The earrings are mismatched purposefully, and like an Autumn painted sky, coordinate in awesome blues and reds! 

AW October Challenge: 
Patina Sunset...paint the sky with patina
Sept 18th : Deadline to submit 
Sept 19th: Winners announced
Oct 1st: Bead Chat Magazine Feature

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To enter and to see all the Patina Sunset Challenge Entries, visit Artisan Whimsy! 


  1. Oooh! Love these earrings. Thanks for sharing about the patina process as well. Those bits of melted copper add some unique touches to them, too.

  2. Rita,
    I love what you did! Thanks for pointing me to the challenge...I'm going to sneak my entry in just under the wire....and now off to write a blog post.

  3. I love how you made these earrings! That "splash" of bronze on top of the brighter colors on the top part is brilliant!


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