Sep 18, 2013

Creating with Cabochons: Celestial Bliss

Participating today is a great honor for me. The opportunity to share my cabochon work is magical and I'm grateful for the possibility because of an angel whisperer, Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime

I actually had missed the deadline for joining in this hop and was so disappointed because I'd been bead embroidering cabs all year for a celestial necklace in honor of my daughter Christina, who died last year, and in honor of my other two beautiful daughters, Colene and Sarah. 

I didn't want to be rude, so I quietly watched as people prepared for the blog hop. Weeks passed, and I wished. But when I read an  AntiquityTravelers post about the hop, I could not not ask to be included. It was just a couple days until the reveal!

And then the coolest thing happened. 

Sally read my email just as she was about to email everyone the participant's list! It was right on top as she opened her email. 

And so I'm sharing my celestial cabochon jewelry today. Creating it has been healing and meditative work. And being able to participate today is a gift, an affirmation that angels are among us. 

So, firstly I'm sharing lots of wire work cabs for inspiration. I think cabs are my very favorite component of all. I love them! I started creating with cabs the first time I began making jewelry. 

One of my very favorite bezel techniques uses chainmaille. With a simple Half-Persian 3-1 weave, a strong and versatile bezel can be made for even the largest gemstone cabs. 

The tutorial for this bezel is available on the BBJ website, Series 1600 "World Traveler"  and it's available for free. What a great technique! 

Charoite cab with antique brass chainmaille bezel,
carved amethyst beads, charoite rounds, Swarovski crystals.

The same chain can be inverted also, to create another style bezel.

This cab is seraphinite, the "angel stone" 

In addition, I love to  chainmaille bezel rivoli crystals with a 12-2 Japanese weave.

And I enjoyed creating my first traditional peyote bezel for a rivoli last month for the Summer Color Surprise blog hop! 

Wire wrapping is another of my favorite techniques for cabs. 

Rose Quartz and Cubic Zirconia Faceted Gem

Double Wrap of Larimar cabs, with larimar
rounds, pearls, mystic topaz, and silver beads

Blu Mudd Artisan ceramic made into a cab and wire wrapped

Wire wrapped Drusy quartz

And this year, I began combining wire wrapping and beadwork. Here, I've made a simple wire wrap and added beadwork to the wire bezel. 

Azurite with Beadcomber flower and Humblebeads

I've also been wire weaving, and creating reversible bezels. I learned the technique from Lisa Barth, and a tutorial is available at her Etsy shop

One side of the ocean jasper is held with metal work.

Wire woven Ocean jasper 

The reversed side of the ocean jasper is a beaded bezel. 

Beadwork bezel reversed ocean jasper cabochon

I began creating this necklace last November, almost a year ago! I decided to use all the indigo blue 7 celestial drusy cabochons that I've collected. Most of the cabs are from the lovely Julez Buell and her shop, Julez Jewelz Cabochons on Etsy

When Sally added me to the challenge, I stayed up most of the night and finished the 10 month long project for our hop. I may reach for more Lacey's and continue on creating a bib design, or I may simply focus on adding soft leather backings to the cabs. No matter what, I'm enchanted; I adore all those seed beads!

Drusy Cabochons from Julez Jewelz, sun button by Beadfreaky.

The sun shone as if to say "be happy!" as I photographed 

Thank you Sally for organizing a wonderful cabochon blog hop! I count my lucky stars to be a part of "Creating with Cabochons." And thank you sweet angels for watching over us :) 

The Cabochon Artists:
Our Host:  Sally Russick
Alicia Marinache           
Lynn  Jobber           
Jenny Davies-Reazor           
Jen  Judd           
Jo-Ann  Woolverton           
Marde Lowe           
Dawn Doucette           
Mary K McGraw           
Gloria Allen           

Cheri  Reed           
Sonye Stille           
Elizabeth Owens Dwy           
Veralynne   Malone           
Tania Hagen           
Lynsey  Brooks           
Christina Miles           
Holly  Westfall           
Kathy  Lindemer           
Patti Vanderbloemen           

Therese Frank           
Adrienne Berry           
Tanty  Sri Hartanti           
Renetha Stanziano           
Marlene  Cupo           
Sandi Volpe           
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson           

Mischelle Fanucchi           
Tracy  Stillman           
Skylar Bre'z           
Ann Schroeder           
Jess Green           
Susan Kennedy           
Stacie  Florer           
Cathie  Carroll           
Susan F.   

Michelle Caballero       
Sabine Dittrich           
Kristina Johansson           
Kimberly Sturrup-Roberts           
Melissa  Meman           
Cheryl McCloud         
Michelle  Timms           
Cindy  Pack                     

Cynthia  Machata           
Julia  Harris           
Ingrid  Anderson           


  1. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! I cannot pick a favorite amongst all these beauties! YES I CAN - that wire wrapped druzy quartz screams wedding jewelry! Your work is amazing!

  2. OMG! so much to take in here!! no idea where to start! well you know I love your chainmaille - it never disappoints! but then all those wire bezels! the ocean jasper one with the greek key design is out of this world - LOVE it ... WOW

  3. They are all so beautiful! So much work involved. Amazing.

  4. Sis you are always promoting others and praising us for our talents. You are the highly talented jewelry artist....all of your creations are out of this world!

    Hugs <3

  5. Audrey, that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said. xxoo

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. And am so glad you are using beading to help you with the healing process. I have found that art does heal.

    Your work is gorgeous!

  7. What a gorgeous showcase of your skill and talent as a jewelry artist. So many things to love here. The last seed bead necklace is inspiring!


  8. What a gorgeous showcase of your skill and talent as a jewelry artist. So many things to love here. The last seed bead necklace is inspiring!


  9. Rita, you blow me away whenever you participate in a hop. Each and every piece you show is an absolute treasure. I just can't even imagine upholding your level of excellence time and time again. I hope dedicating your time and effort in the honor of your daughter helps ease the pain a slight bit. I have a very close friend that died a few years ago but I'm not ready to make a piece for her yet. I think I will know when the time is right. The necklace you worked all night on is fit for the fairy queen to wear on the night of the solstice when she welcomes friends from near and far to the biggest celebtration of the year.

  10. So glad you participated Rita, what a gorgeous tribute to your daughters!

  11. So sorry for your loss... but those chainmaille bezels are awesome! I do need to try some of those... 15 seed beads really were not me! Beading is really a very good form of theapy!

  12. I love your celestial necklace. What a wonderful idea as a connection to your daughters. Your work is so beautiful. I love the way your wire work lets so much of the cabs show so both can shine together. I also love that chunky chainmaille. All very fun to see. Thank you for sharing!

  13. What an amazing variety of techniques and designs. Your work is stunning!

  14. My favorite is the ocean jasper. The celestial necklace turned out great.

  15. You truly are multi-talented, Rita! I am impressed by all the methods that you've mastered and your celestial necklace really is fantastic.

  16. Good many great pieces and techniques! Love the Celestial necklace..and the photo that you have is really awesome too..

  17. What a gorgeous gallery of art work!
    The celestial necklace is beautiful and soothing! Thank you for making me discover the chainmaille bezeling!

  18. I am so glad that you partipated and shared your have created some gorgeous designs. Your celestial necklace is beautiful, and I was intrigued by your chainmalle cabs...must try that one day!

  19. Oh my Rita, all of your cabs and bezels are beautiful I am going to have to try the chain maile bezel. I love your Celestial necklace it is beautiful and I love the meaning behind the creation.

  20. Wow, you are a versatile artist. I look forward to trying a bead/wire hybrid bezel one day.

  21. Oh and I forgot to say the moon and star necklace makes me feel like if I wore it I'd have magical powers. It is sooo cool!

  22. WOW!!!! your work is amazing. The bead and wire bezels are very creative.The celestial cabs piece is awesome.What a wonderful tribute.

  23. Wow! how beautiful! Your talent is extraordinary and I am sure you daughter is so happy as she looks down from heaven. The piece I did this hop (I am a newbie!) was using a ring top piece that belonged to my mother who passed this Feb. I hang close to me and I can feel her close by. Great Job. Thanks for sharing

  24. Such beautiful, truly beautiful pieces, each and every one! My absolute favorites though are the wire-wrapped ones. They appear perfectly done to me! I'm so glad you got in!

  25. Rita-They are all lovely ! The one you created in memory of Christina is really special. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  26. I have certainly learned something today. Using chain to bezel stones is a fantastic idea. Picking a favorite is so hard, but I like all the wire wrapped pieces. My goodness, you put a lot of work into your bead work. All the pieces are unique and charming.

  27. Sorry I am so late getting to this blog hop, but Rita I know you wil forgive me since your heart is as big as your talent!!!! <3

  28. Rita, each and every piece is beautiful! I couldn't possibly choose a favorite, though I must say the the chain maille bezels are captivating and how perfectly you wove the wire for your wire bezels! Thank you so much for participating in the hop, you were meant to be a part of this hop, I truly believe that an angel intervened! I'm so glad she did, the beautifully beadwoven necklace is a wonderful tribute to your daughter and I hope each bead you stitched has brought you comfort and healing!


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