Aug 2, 2014

The Haberdashery Blog Hop

I'm so excited to participate in my friend's fabulous first blog hop! Melissa Trudinger of BEADRECIPES is our hostess with the mostess today, as well as a giftest artist and wonderful person, and I LOVE her idea of having an Australian "haby hop" -- short for a Hberdashery Hop, Melissa explains, since Aussies love to nick-name -- using our ribbons, buttons, fabric to design! Melissa even created a Pinterest board for us. So, without further ado, and despite my fear of ribbon, here goes! :) 

Treasures from Melissa's studio: antique family buttons, ribbons and trimmings! 

For our challenge, I really wanted to upcycle. Often, I receive gorgeous ribbons around art beads I buy. I save them and treasure them because they are so pretty! I wanted to use the soft and shimmering, almost butterfly-like ribbon that Lea Avroch of LA DESIGNS wraps around her lampwork boxes. As luck would have it, I saw an episode of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels (sign up on the website for free to access all the tutorials for the shows) with Cynthia Dies (see Series 2000, show 2013 for the tutorials) who created lots of gorgeous fabric jewelry with cool designs, including the tassel earrings I made. 

I added the vegetable dyed wood barrels, and ta-da: Lea's ribbons are now pretty boho earrings!

I also wanted to incorporate light and lovely organza ribbon into a design, as well as chainmaille, and happily discovered this gorgeous technque for ribbon weaving through my chainmaille resources. The Ribbon Woven Chain Necklace tutorial is easy to follow and is easy to make, yet looks so Boho chic!  

I created a simple chainmaille Japanese flower in copper and silver rings, with a cherry quartz jewel drop for a HABY HOP Cool chain maille choker. The organza ribbon simply ties into a bow in the back to be adjustable. Both my daughters love it! 

And... two designs I created previously I would like to share for our hop as I really worked on my fear of sari ribbon and textiles and jumped into using them for design. I like how both turned out! :) 

As a guest designer for Art Jewelry Elements this week, 
designed with a Francesca Watson handcrafted glass cab:

Wire woven with Swarovski crystal, beadmaille reversible chain, lampwork by Tiffany Smith
(see blog post link for resources to buy the art beads).

Designed with sari ribbon, and made to be reversible too

For the reverse, I added a beadwork bezel, changed the color of the beadmaille chain,
 and added a copper splash.

Blue coral connected by cotton strands and ceramics by Naos. This was inspired by one lucite flower from my BSBP8 partner, the amazing Bobbie Rafferty of Beadsong Jewelry.

I also found a fabulous Art Jewelry Elements tutorial by Jennifer Cameron, "Quick Disc Stack"  for wrapping double ended glass headpins that I used to create flat, attached lucite and Lea Avroch lampwork flowers:

Thank you Melissa for a wonderful challenge! I can't wait to see all the Haberdashery treasures! 

The Haby Hop Artists

Melissa Trudinger                                 

Ann Schroeder                                       

Tammy Adams                                      

Amanda Wacasey                                 

Dolores Raml                                          

Divya N                                                   

Michelle McCarthy                               

DiYana Brooks                                       

Robin Kae Reed                                     

Andrea Glick                                          

Karin Grosset Grange                           

Mitzie Crider                                          

Janine Lucas                                            <-- will post on Sunday

Rosantia Petkova                                 

Susan Kennedy                                      

Leithleach Alainn Seodra      

Kathleen Breeding                                

Shiraz Biggie                                          

Chris Eisenberg                                     

Heather Richter                                    

Lennis Carrier                                        

Rebecca Anderson                               

Jenny Kyrlach                                         

Rita Toltec Jewels                                

Mischelle Fanucci                                 

Karen Mitchell                                       

Carol Briody                                           

Karla Morgan                                        

Carolyn Lawson                                    

Lori Anderson                                        

Jami Shipp                                              

Lili Krist                                                    

Evelyn Shelby                                         

Raissa de Guzman                                

Niky Sayers                                            

Keren Panthaki                                      


  1. From what I see, you should have no reason to fear ribbons. You make magic happen with them. I especially like how you incorporated some into your chainmaille work. The copper chain links woven with the light airy ribbon are a fabulous contrast.

  2. Your pieces are splendid! It's wonderful to see how people can take the same concept and make so many different things. Your necklace is so you with the incorporation of chain maille! I love the earrings as well. They are like butterflies for the ears.

  3. You should be fearless! Have you ever made a bad piece of jewelry? Ever? Thank you for all the tutorials and for always crediting your peers. I love the ribbon and chainmaille--simple and elegant

  4. Just when I thought that I wouldnt see another variation of chainmaille application in your posts, you stun me once again by using the organza ribbon, the result is a great contrast, that I would personally love to wear. Your pretty boho earrings are just that - very pretty

  5. Everything you created is lovely. I am into tassles right now and your earrings are sooo cute!

  6. I sure don't know why you are afraid of ribbon!!! You used it like you do everything!!! AMAZINGLY Well!!! I love the earrings and the chain and ribbon choker. So you can't be afraid of riggon any more!!! I loved all of the pieces you showed. Great Job! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  7. Really fantastic designs Rita - but I'm just stopped in my tracks with that ribbon chainmaille ...say waaaht? that is amazing! LOVE IT - so inventive!

  8. As always, your jewelry is awe inspiring. You are one of the designers whose designs I know that I am going to love and you are so versatile. Great job!

  9. Of course, everything is beautiful, as I have come to expect from following you around but I fell in love with that ribbon chain maille necklace. I had just finished my own very first ribbon and chain necklace (which, by the way, is going into your Twice as Nice hop) and I have fallen in love with ribbon and chain. I am going to check out that tutorial right now. Thanks for sharing. That piece is so pretty and!

  10. Your pieces are all gorgeous, so full of new ideas, thanks for sharing your talent.

  11. Your work is beautiful and your pics are so clear. Great post.

  12. I think you have conquered your fear of ribbon well. Love the earrings and the chain maille necklace although the other pieces are beautiful too.

  13. Rita, as always, I love your creations, designs, works of art! That ribbon with the chainmaille is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the tutorial for the Quick Disc Stack. Your BSPB#8 piece is also fabulous. So unique & I love the way you incorporated more than one element & the variety of texture. It's definitely a statement piece as well. The seed bead work is a hit as well. You're definitely a hard working lady! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. I see no ribbon fear. As a matters of fact, that copper ribbon piece is my fav...I might give that a try!

  15. The ribbon looks like it belongs to all your designs - the chainmaille necklace is gorgeous! I also like the playful tassel earrings and the wire woven pendant.

  16. I just can't pick a favorite..I'm impressed with all you did!

  17. Amazing work. Your chainmaille necklace with the organza ribbon is so pretty. And the last necklace is a dream! I don't know why you are afraid of working with ribbon, as you are a natural.

  18. I just LOVE those earrings, they look so sweet and boho! Great way to use up scraps of pretty ribbon! And the chainmaille choker is just fabulous. I love the way the ribbon shimmers against the copper. Thank you for joining my blog hop!


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