Aug 3, 2014

Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets Blog Hop Reveal


Looking for my HABY HOP REVEAL?


A couple months ago, I asked for help. I had so many chicklets...

SueBeads chicklets, that is! 

So, I sent my chicklets off to artists around the globe, and today, we reveal our chicklets designs. 
They are certain to be fabulous because Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets! 

My wonderful SueBeads! Note how Kennedy's art is so superb, she can create almost exact sized pairs --
a skill even the most experienced lampworkers comment on as her work is excellent and special!
What shall I make next? :) 

With my bead, I decided to celebrate summer and create with soft, opaque peach quartz I've been saving for several years. I kept a pretty peach chicklet for my design & mailed off a rainbow!

From Little House on the Suburban Prairie blog

I love the way the soft peach of the floral lampwork bead coordinates with the warm, soft gem. 

For splashes of summer sparkle, I added bright copper, glowing Czech flowers & iridescent leaf and lots of Swarovski Light peach Champagne crystals along with the natural quartz stones. 

I love this warm & summery necklace, and with such great color, I will wear it often, through all seasons.

Enjoy the hop! And be sure to check back next Sunday for the winner of $25 at:

Thank you everyone for joining in the challenge and sharing your talents.
 I'm honored to create with you all.
 And a special thank you to Susan Kennedy for being our featured artist! 

Guest of Honor & Featured Artist:  Susan Kennedy

Sue Kennedy's blogs:                               SueBeads...A Beady Girl's blog
                                                               Art Jewelry Elements
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  1. Oh! We may have designed with the same color! I love how your necklace turned out, though. I didn't think I liked orange, but it's growing on me ;)

  2. Oh Rita! That peach gemstone just works so well with your Chicklet! I love the colors, the design.. I just love your necklace!!! Thank you so much for hosting us!

  3. Our beads are very similar, Rita, and yet our designs very different! I always love to see that happen! I'm in awe of how well you coordinated yours with like-color beads, while I rather did the opposite. Beautiful order vs. crazy chaos! What a fun time either way! Thank you so very much for hosting and letting me "squeak" into your event! I so appreciate your generosity! All the Best! ~Sharyl

  4. Your necklace is beautiful. I love the peach with bright copper. Really lovely.

  5. I am a stalker of Sue's beads and totally agree with all of your compliments to her!

    LOVE this necklace - the focal element you created is perfection! Peach is not an easy color for me (like yellow!) but you have outdone yourself!

  6. What a great necklace. But what is really striking me as I cruise these blogs is the serendipity(yes, that word again) of the color choices. Everyone is able to match their chicklet up with other amazingly apt components that match exactly . this hop has been a lot of fun

  7. Luscious necklace! It reminds me of the peaches that are in season now! Well done!

  8. Very elegant!! It reminds me of orange sherbet. (I always have ice cream on the brain, lol.) Thank you so much for hosting this hop, and for letting me participate!! I'd had an awesome time creating. *Hugs* -Jen

  9. Your design is delicious. Those warm peachy-oranges are so yummy with the copper. Thanks so much for having me, and for re-sending my chicklet after I misspelled my own address. :)

  10. What a perfect Sunday when I stumble onto an eye candy blog hop! Your necklace looks great, thanks for hosting these wonderful artists. ~~T

  11. Rock in the orange girlfriend! It is my favorite color and you showcased it amazingly!

  12. Hi Rita,
    Your necklace is gorgeous and the Chicklet matches the peach quartz perfectly.

  13. Loving the peach color in this necklace! just beautiful as always. Thanks for a fun hop Rita! lots of giggles hopping around and reading everyone's posts

  14. You nailed it Rita, that orange evokes all kinds of feelings of warm summer days. You have absolutely done your chicklet! Thank you as well for this ever so much fun hop, you nailed that too!

  15. Rita the necklace it beautiful. I just love the color it glows with warmth. Amazing. And thank you so much for hosting the hop and allowing me to be part of it.

  16. Thank you so much for hosting. I love your design. Warm tones like is are usually a little out of my comfort zone.

  17. THANK YOU! for your generosity and offer of inspiration with this hop! I have so enjoyed participating. Your necklace is so perfectly warm and beautiful. A great summer piece and the peachy colors were just made for each other.

  18. Oh this is totally beautiful! Peach is one of the colors that I wear a lot of and you just can't find jewelry to go with it. So in love.

  19. Thanks for sharing the Chicklets! I had such fun playing with mine. I love how you matched the colors between the stone and the beads. Beautiful!

  20. Your necklace is beautifully inspiring and fresh. Love the color and design! Thank you for hosting this fun blog hop. It inspired me to stretch as a designer to create 3 pieces outside of my norm. Many thanks for your generosity

  21. Rita, Fabulous Design Challenge! Thanks for hosting & thanks for the chicklet! I love those little beads. I've found something new I want to buy! I love your necklace - so delicate & feminine! Beautiful for any time of the year. :)

  22. That peachy orange is one of my favorite colors and I love how you paired the chicklet with the peach quartz and the copper. Perfect. This was such a fun blog hop. Thank you so much for hosting it!

  23. OMG Rita, those peach quartz stones look yummy enough to eat and peach season is just around the corner in my neck of the woods so your necklace has me salivating in anticipation! The chicklet bead is a perfect match and the necklace beautiful.Thanks again for the wonderful beads and fun blog hop. As I said before you really are the Queen of Blog Hops this summer. I hope you're having fun and not getting overwhelmed with all of these commitments. Take care!

  24. What yummy colors! Lovely...makes me think of cantaloupes...which I dearly love to eat!! :) Lovely piece...

  25. What a beautiful peach necklace....perfect for the season! Thanks you for hosting this blog hop. I had a great time. It is truly amazing to see what such a talented bunch of artisans can do with gorgeous beads!

  26. Hi Rita, thank you for letting me participate in your blog hop.
    Your necklace is fabulous. I love peaches too. I will see your at October fest.
    Thanks again!!

  27. Rita, I love the soft tones of that necklace! You have a great knack for choosing great artists for us to play with...I adore Sue's beads. Thanks so much for a great blog hop!

  28. It's very pretty - really like the softness of the colors.
    Great design and the copper adds to it.

  29. Dear Rita, I want to eat those beads :-) They look so delicious!!! I love the colours, soft and warm at the same time... A beautiful keeper♥, as you write. Have fun wearing this beauty!

  30. Gorgeous honey peach tones, what a lovely necklace! Thank you for a great blog hop, and for the gift of Sue's chicklet bead!

  31. What a simple design. I love how monochrome it is but it is a beautiful statement. I would love to wear that!


  32. Hi Rita, Your necklace is beautiful. The peach seems to glow and the copper is the perfect accent for your lovely design.Thank you for hosting this fun challenge.


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