Apr 11, 2012


Does the idea of including hand-made glass pendants in your jewelry interest you? If so, check out an affordable, very cool microwave kiln designed to create unique glass focals for handcrafted jewelry.

With the FUSEWORKS microwave kiln, jewelry artists can now create beautiful glass pieces for their handcrafted jewelry, without having to know or learn traditional glass torch and kiln techniques. Best of all, the price is affordable. The microwave kiln costs under $100 at retailers such as Amazon, and if purchased at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon (promo code 3359), the kiln is a mere $71.99 (and in my cart now as I write!).

You can check out the FUSEWORKS kiln in action as jewelry teacher TC Beads records her first uses of the kiln, and shares the glass cabs she creates on her youtube video tutorial channel for jewelry arts. The finished glass pieces are unique and completely annealed through the process of kiln microwaving.

The FUSEWORKS microwave kiln for glass is getting excellent 5-star ratings across the web as reviewers find it an excellent way to create beautiful glass art for their jewelry design. It is recommended by reviewers to dedicate one microwave to glass art, much like dedicating one toaster oven to polymer clay.

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