Apr 10, 2012

Lauren Andersen: Expert Chainmaille Artist for Jewel School

Jewel School Expert Artist Lauren Andersen 

"Nature inspires me. I love the simplicity and the complexity of nature." -- Lauren Andersen

Lauren Andersen, "The Chainmaille Lady" will be the guest artist and expert for JEWEL SCHOOL on Sunday and Monday. Jewel School will be offering special chainmaille products during her visit. You can shop Jewel School online and check out  Lauren Andersen's Specialty Shop for colored wire kits, chainmaille kits & tutorials. Best of all, Ms. Anderson will be presenting a new jump ring maker specifically designed for chainmaille! The new tool includes mandrels to create jump rings in sizes commonly used for chainmaille  (such as 9/64 ") that previously had to be purchased pre-made and were only available in limited choices of materials. Now chainmaille jewelry artists can create beautiful jump rings with color coated copper wire in the unique mm sizes necessary for many chainmaille weaves!

Lauren Andersen is not only a Jewel School television expert, she is also a regular guest artist for the popular PBS program "Beads, Baubles & Jewels," now in its fifteenth year.You'll find many beautiful Lauren Andersen jewelry designs on the
BBJ website, including free pdf tutorial downloads. This season, Ms. Andersen has created a stunning "Sedona Sunset" necklace made with copper chain and carnelian. Likewise, Ms. Andersen's pearl white magatama wedding jewelry is equally gorgeous. In fact, there's an array of Lauren's gorgeous chainmaille jewelry
at the BBJ website, all with accompanying free tutorial downloads.

The teaching techniques and creativity of "The Chainmaille Lady" doesn't stop there. You'll also find Andersen's free video tutorials for the Byzantine weave and the European 4 in 1 chainmaille weave at Jewel School's
Videos on Demand

Lauren Andersen is a regular contributor to "Step by Step Wire Jewelry"  and has written two books:
Basics Of Chain Maille and Advanced Chain Maille -- available in select Jewel School kits and  available at Lauren's website, "TheChainmailleLady.Com" on ArtFire where you'll  find original Lauren Andersen fine jewelry, complete chainmaille kits, and tutorials for designs like "Pink Passion Earrings" as well as tutorials for advanced weaves like Dragonscale.

As the Beadalon's expert chainmaille designer, you can read an interview with Lauren Andersen on the Beadalon website and browse the Beadalon gallery of her work. Lauren Andersen's designs are exquisit! Additionally, you'll also find Ms. Anderson's beautiful jewelry at PINTEREST and FLICKR .

We are truly honored to have artist Lauren Andersen as our Jewel School instructor! Enjoy your visit with "The Chainmaille Lady" on Sunday and Monday! See you at School! 

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