Apr 16, 2012

Jewel School Gets Cool with Sandra Younger & the Knotty Do It All

 Join Jewel School guest artist Sandra Younger as she shares her "Knotty Do It All" -- a cord knotting and design tool for creating jewelry with  leather, suede, satin cord, & other textiles. The Knotty Do It All board is designed to make macrame, ladder, and knot style jewelry. There are many stringing materials that work with the jewelry technique and tool; you'll find the recommended types of cord in the correct sizes at Sandra's online store, "The Knot Shop." Additionally, Sandra has created a chart calculating the length you'll need to add to stringing material to create knots.

Although the Knotty Do It All Delux Kit sold out, you can buy stringing material and may even find a few boards trickling back into stock at the Sandra Younger Specialty Shop on Jewel School. You can also purchase two versions of the board: the Knotty board ($54.95) and the Knotty Delux Kit ($79.95) directly from Sandra's online store, The Knot Shop. Here, you can purchase individual items such as extra clips for your board (http://tinyurl.com/JSFriends22) or an instructional DVD. You can find tutorials for using the Knotty board, making knots and several bracelet designs at "TheKnottyDoItAll." youtube channel, or view her video tutorials on Facebook at the community page, Jewel School Friends. You can also purchase sandra Younger's project "Knot Your Own Easy Leather Necklace" from the January 2011 issue of Art Jewelry.

Although some Shambala bracelets can be purchased for just a few dollars, handcrafted Shambala bracelets are very chic and popular with designers and fine jewelry lovers alike. Sandra Younger's beautiful macrame and ladder bracelets are appreciated by artists like Barbara Lewis, author of Painting With Fire and a featured designer in the upcoming  Bead Soup book by Lori Anderson  -- as well as artist Cynthia Thornton of Green Girls Studios. Sandra Younger takes Shambala designs to a new level of jewelry art, combining her talent for style with beautiful handcrafted findings to make her jewelry rich and unique. You can see the beautiful jewelry Sandra Younger has designed by exploring her photography gallery or by going to"Sandra Younger Jewelry" on Facebook where you will find 78 gorgeous bracelets to inspire your own designs!

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