Oct 13, 2012

My Bewitching Home: A Pumpkin Crossing!

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Welcome to my bewitching home!
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My daughters and I have been known as The Witches of WindWood.
Welcome, welcome to our Harvest Home ...

Let's sit outside and chat a while. The warm soft shawl, a gift from one of my daughters, will keep the chill off your shoulders. The Autumn air is crisp today! Let's enjoy a hot cup of coffee or herbal tea. Inside, I have a big pot of vegetable soup simmering, and freshly made bread rising in the warm kitchen. 

Angel and herb garden, Orlando, Florida 2012.

Autumn is my favorite season! The domestic goddess in me loves the way Demeter decorates!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I don't focus on the scary, but on the fun. I enjoy the magic of being anything you wish, dressing up, the fun of Trick or Treating, candles in pumpkins, giving out candy, and the splendor of having an October birthday.

 When my daughters were little, we grew our own pumpkins. Watching the orange flower blossoms bud and bloom into beautiful flowers, transforming into full, fabulous arm hugging pumpkins was awesome! Planting green beans, corn, radishes, pumpkins and Indian corn for Fall harvest was a delight.

A walk in the woods with my pumpkins, ages 2, 3 and 4 (1986)

Growing healthful food and our very own Autumn decorations made us feel proud. Pumpkins brought our home happiness. Today, I still call my daughters, now grown women with children of their own, "my pumpkins" :)

This home and my heart is forever a pumpkin crossing. I have even more pumpkins to love! Unique, one of a kind pumpkins that are pure, positive energy. They love and smile, bark and run and play. Pumpkin puppies!

Pumpkin puppies! Isis, Lila, and Pancho Halloween 2011

And for home decor, can anyone really have too many pumpkins? This Fall has brought our family painted pumpkins. A visit to Lou Gardens manifested this lovely flower pumpkin that my grandson picked out as his very special Autumn treasure.

How about some more painted pumpkins? Why not make some colorful Mexi-Pumpkins? The Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo, created these cool painted Mexi-Halloween pumpkins. The instructions are here on her blog!

 Painted Mexi-Halloween pumpkins by the Crafty Chica!

Or perhaps some cool repurposed pumpkins? Margot Potter and friend show you how:

And when it comes to bling, there's nothing like making it, enjoying it, and wearing it! How 'bout my glow in the dark pumpkin slippers? Everyone in our family has a pair and we all positively glow! (Thanks to Avon, the place for interesting and bewitching Holiday gifts :)

A little pumpkin bling goes a long way towards happiness in this bewitching home. Dressing up is fun! Feel like an autumn goddess? How about creating a pumpkin wire wrap pendant from pretty orange beads? Here is a shining tutorial to show you how!

And you never know what goodies are kept in the pumpkin cookie jars! 
That pumpkin is simply sequintastic!

More pumpkin bling! How about pumpkin cookie jars? Inspired by the coolest pumpkin cookie jar of them all, our bewitching home has an entire collection!

The fabulous pumpkin cookie jar that started it all!

We love our familiars and ghosts! We have big jars with little jars, and double decker jars!

And most importantly, we're ready for the great pumpkin! :) 

 Fairy magic and Snoopy, the great pumpkin 2012.

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