Oct 5, 2012

The Window Shop Blog Hop

It's the Window Shop Blog Hop

Create a "Holiday Window" for your shop -- share your handcrafted shop information, product line, and links to your online stores for the Holiday season shoppers. Nothing to make, not a jewelry challenge, you don't even have to comment on posts; just provide your shop info in a blog post on November 11. If you don't have a shop, that's ok, post about a handcrafted shop you enjoy. The idea is to create a thread of handcrafted "shop windows" for holiday shoppers to browse.

Each Window Shop participant will be entered to win items to enhance their jewelry, bead and craft art: the giveaways are two  photography domes, jewelry designer inventory and pricing software, and an earring photography kit, retailing from $40- $225.

How to join in: 
1) Share your shop's "holiday window":

Blog about your shop on Sunday, November 11th -- the weekend before the big Black Friday commercial sales hit. You may simply post your shop banner and a link, or share special holiday offers, like gift wrapping, coupon codes, or special items available for the holidays.

2) Share a "holiday window" for another shop you enjoy : 

What if you don't have your own shop? That's ok, just create a "shop window" for your favorite Etsy, Zibbet or ArtFire store. You'll be supporting handcrafted, and your name will be added to the drawing. 

3. Comment below 

Comment below, and please give me your blog address or email if your comments are not connected to your blog (otherwise I can't find you to include you:).  I'll create a final list of all the participants to add to your window shop blog post or to link to. Commenting on other's posts is not required because the idea is to create a listing  of handcrafted shops for holiday gift giving. Browse and "Window Shop Blog Hop" the stores at your convenience.

4) Add the Window Shop Blog Hop Button to your blog.

Here's the Window Shop Holiday Hop button to post on your blog. Please create a link for the button going back to this blog post:

 5) Earn extra entries into the giveaway:

To earn extra entries into the giveaway drawing create a blog post discussing the "Window Shop Blog Hop" or a Facebook post about the Window Shop Blog Hop, or Twitter. Just comment below to let me know you've earned additional entries (I may not know you earned extra entries otherwise). Winners will be chosen using random.org drawing and announced on November 18, 2012.

Ready to see the Holiday give-a-ways you could win by participating in the Window Shop Blog Hop? They are compliments of jewelry artists and inventors Barbara Carlton (software) and Cindy Lichfield (Cloud Dome items). Happy Holidays!

Win an Earring Stand:

The Cloud Dome Earring Stand

The makers of the Cloud Dome have created an easy, professional way to take excellent photos of the most challenging type of jewelry to photograph: earrings. The product uses the reflection of free hanging earrings for the perfect shot. The Cloud Dome earring stand works with the Cloud dome, or simply your tripod and camera. It retails for $40 at the Facebook shopping mall.  


Win a Nimbus Photography Dome: 

The Nimbus photography dome is designed to work with smart phones in order to make jewelry, bead and macro photography quick and professional -- controls shadows and can be used at night. See the Nimbus dome in action on youtube. Retails for $79.


Win a Cloud Dome:
The Cloud Dome

Previously an exclusive product of Rio Grande, the "Cloud Dome" is now available at Jewel School for artisans looking to create fine quality photos of their handcrafted jewelry for publication, sales, and contests. The Cloud dome creates perfect ambient light -- similar to the natural light of an overcast day -- producing soft shadows and ideal lighting, even at night. The Cloud Dome retails for $225.


Win Business Software:

The "Jewelry Designer Manager (Tm) Pricing Jewelry Made Easy Software" is a special Jewel School 10 year anniversary edition that has twenty-two 4.5 out of 5 star reviews at Jewel School online! The software retails for $69.

Have fun and  Happy Holidays,


  1. I really do adore you for doing this! I've recently posted something in a similar vein: http://libellulajewelry.blogspot.com/2012/09/holiday-gift-giving-buying-handmade.html

    I definitely want to participate and would like to know if it would be o.k. to make my post a double post with my shop and that of a friend who does not have a blog?

  2. Sure! Just let me know whose name to put into the drawing for the second "shop window" -- I can add your name twice or add your friend's name :)

  3. Thank you! Please add Gale of Bantering Bird on Etsy. :)

    I created a pin for the blog hop: http://pinterest.com/pin/104005072615914713/

    Tweeted under this account: https://twitter.com/LibellulaJewelr

    Posted on my blog: http://libellulajewelry.blogspot.com/2012/10/sign-up-for-window-shop-blog-hop.html

  4. What an outstanding idea, Rita!! This is really great. I will put the widgit on my blog. Not sure if I can commit yet to participating, but I hope so. I promised my hubby I would not take on anything else this year to give myself a break (but I know that won't last...)

  5. Thank you Lisa :) Well, hopefully it will be pretty simple: a quick "here's my shop, I sell this, happy holidays" post -- and then maybe you'll win some cool item. It was all given to me for the community, so i'm honored to pass on the giveaways. I should say this is not from Jewel School but from lovely jewelry designer Barbara Carlton (who invented the software) and lovely jeweler Cindy Lichfield McConkey who invented the photography items :)

  6. I'll "play", Rita! Heck, I'd stand on my head & whistle for a chance at those great prizes:)

  7. LOL Sherri :) Thank you! I'm honored your shop is in the window hop.

  8. I am sooo in! Wow what a great idea!

  9. Awesome to have you jump in, Marla! Happy Holidays! :)

  10. I added your button to my blog. I so want, and NEED, that earring stand! Tired of running around the house, trying to find interesting things to hang them from in order to photograph!

  11. Ooooh - saw Marla's post over on AW and couldn't resist joining this! What a great idea!!

  12. Is it too late to join? I think this will give me that little extra push to get a shop open! I think it is a wonderful idea!

  13. Dita.i, This is great. I'd love to join. Please let me know leaving a comment in my blog. Thank you so much. As soon as I hear from you, I'll put the info of this blog hop
    Thank you. Dita.

  14. Thank you for doing this. Would love to join. Please let me know leaving a comment in my blog. Namaste! Dita from


  15. Go ahead and add me in, Rita! :-)

    blog: http://www.gratefulartist.blogspot.com
    Shop: http://www.zibbet.com/pineridgetreasures

  16. I just wrote my post for this so I don't flake and forget!

  17. Hey, I put it in FB on my wall. http://www.facebook.com/dita.basu

  18. Marlene and I might have to have a "cage match" over the earring stand - lol. I NEED thar earring stand, darn it!!

  19. I'm in if this includes our etsy shops. I don't have an individual shop on my blog.


  20. lol, me too, Lisa! I wish it wasn't my hop (guess I should say "tour" but that doesn't rhyme with "window shop" ;) cause I'm tired of hanging earrings in trees, in candles and all over my house! lol....

    Keep in mind though that juried shows and juried contests often require the kind of gradient background and lighting the big dome provides -- it is professional level stuff! And the pricing guide also creates catalogs. I should edit that in ...

    Good luck, Lisa!

  21. Great idea, Rita~ I would love to participate! And, I would love to win one of those Cloud Domes or any of the photog prizes. They're all fabulous! Here is my blog address (which you can also access by clicking my photo)... http://bellewest925.blogspot.com

    Thanks! XOX

  22. Just Twittered (LOL) for an extra entry:


  23. I shared this on my FB Page, Belle West~

  24. Share in B'Sue Boutique's Creative Group~

  25. Share on my FB~

  26. Pinned it... hehehe :)

  27. Wish I had seen this sooner! This looks like a fantastic event!

  28. This is a most awesome idea! I read about this hop today on Antiquity Travelers' blog and decided to post myself.
    The prizes are quite wonderful, too!
    I hope this idea garners lots of attention!

  29. tweeted!


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