Oct 26, 2012

October Fest Blog List and Prizes

Celebrating the Splendor of Autumn
The Treats
I tried to buy all prizes myself to show respect & support for all the amazing artists of community.
The following wonderful persons gifted extras into my orders & I thank them for their generosity!!

Jeannie Dukic of Jewelry by Jeannie
Apostles Gem Stones (Buy Direct on Facebook)
Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens of  Glass Bead Art

What did you get for Halloween?

To Celebrate Your Boo-tiful Creations!
Participants HAVE WON the following giveaways:

Charlie Jacka:
Ceramic Button by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky

Sandra McGriff:
Polymer Clay Focal by Tina Holden of BeadComber

Pam Sears:

$10 Fire Mountain Beads & Gems Gift Certificate

Marlene Cupo:
Lampwork "Fairy Bead" by Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens of Glass Bead Art Lampwork Studio

Kris Mattingly :
Banded Agate Fancy Cut Gemstone Beads by Apostles Gemstones

Shaiha Williams:

 Kathy Lindemer:

Shirley Moore:
                                            "I Got a Rock" Christmas Chalcedony Mix by Toltec Jewels                                                                 (Crystals, Rhinestone Spacers, Panda Beads)

Sherri Stokey:
$10 Gift Certificate to Clay Works

Karin Slaton:
Ceramic Button by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky

Audrey Allen:

Christine Stonefield:
Polymer Clay and Japanese Washi Paper Beads by Jewelry by Jeannie

Margareta Saari:
Polymer Clay Lotus Focal by Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf

Marita Suominen :
$10 Fire Mountain Beads & Gems Gift Certificate

Zoe Marcin:
Ceramic Button by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky

Shelly Graham Turner:
                                                        Winter White Crystal Quartz Mix by Toltec Jewels                                                      (Fantasy Faceted Crystal Quartz, rhinestone spacers, crystals & Czech glass)

Shelly Joyce: 
Ceramic Focal by Marsha Neal Studio

Cheri Reed:
Ceramic Button by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky

Carolyn Lawson:
$10 Gift Certificate to Pine Ridge Treasures

Debbie Rasmussen:
Polymer Flowers by Tina Holden of Beadcmber

                                                          Tanty Sri Hartani:
Polymer Clay and Japanese Washi Paper Beads by Jewelry by Jeannie

Jeannie Dukic:

Alicia Marinache:
Lampwork Focal by Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens of Glass Bead Art Lampwork Studio

Heather Otto: 
Ceramic Button by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky

Kashmira Patel:
Vintage Lucite (Lori Anderson) and Lucite (Lisa Lodge and Toltec Jewels) Flower Mix

Renetha Stanziano:
$10 Fire Mountain Beads & Gems Gift Certificate

Sonya Ann Stille:
Polymer Clay Buttons by Shelly Graham Turner of Tori Sophia

Evelyn Shelby:
Polymer Clay and Japanese Washi Paper Beads by Jewelry by Jeannie

Zoe Marcin:
                                                         "I Got a Rock" Silver & Gold Nights Gemstone Mix by Toltec Jewels                                             (Carved & Cushion Cut Bluestone, Crystal Rondelles, Jasper with Bronze Matrix)


Tanya McGuire:
Ceramic Focal by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky

Mischelle Fanucchi:
$10 Fire Mountain Beads & Gems Gift Certificate

Susan Kennedy:
Polymer Clay Beads by Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf

Lennis Carrier:
Ceramic Button by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky

 Jeannie Vitanza:
"Art of Making Bracelets" DVD by Margot Potter

 Colene Waltermire:
Surprise from Second Surf 

 Lee Nova: 
 Another 20 years of marriage

Toltec Jewels:

The Great Pumpkin:
New Sears Kenmore Refrigerator !

Thank you Everyone!! :) 

 The Participants

 Fly Well and Share the Love!

Host Toltec Jewels            http://www.JewelSchoolFriends.com  (you are here .... beware! ;)  

Heather Otto                     http://www.thecrafthopper.com
Mischelle Fanucchi   
Marlene Cupo                   http://amazingdesigns-marlene.blogspot.com
Shaiha Williams                  http://shaihasramblings.blogspot.com
Shelly Graham Turner        http://shelleygrahamturner.blogspot.com/
Shelly Joyce                       http://www.aujourlejour-shelly.blogspot.com/
Charlie Jacka
Pam Sears                         http://crazycreativecorner.blogspot.com/
Margareta Saari                 http://magsinhelmet.blogspot.com/
Marita Suominen                http://momentofjewelry.blogspot.fi/
Lisa Posthumus                  https://www.facebook.com/lisa.posthumusharper
Jeannie Dukic                    
Cheri Reed                         http://creativedesignsbycheri.blogspot.com/
Arlene Dean                       http://aglassbash.blogspot.com/
Duffy Blevins                      http://bubbasjewels1.blogspot.com/
Susan Kennedy                  http://suebeads.blogspot.com/
Dita Basu                           http://www.alankarshilpa.blogspot.com/
Sonya Ann Stille                 http://dreaminofbeads.blogspot.com/
Audrey Allen                      https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wrapped-Up-In-Magic/145456948869148
Kashmira Patel                   http://sadafulee.blogspot.com/
Kathy Lindemer                 http://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/
Kris Mattingly                    https://www.facebook.com/kris.h.mattingly
Lennis Carrier                    http://www.windbent.net/
Shannon Hicks                   http://uptwnsh-fallingintothesky.blogspot.com/
Paula Hisel                        
Karin Slaton                       http://backstorybeads.blogspot.com/
Shirley Moore                    http://www.beadsandbread.blogspot.com/
Alicia Marinache                http://www.allprettythings.ca/
Valeria G. Rome               
Lo                                     http://thecreativeklutz.blogspot.com/
Zoe Marcin                       http://beadsteaandsweets.blogspot.com/
Lawson                http://carolynscreationswa.blogspot.com
Kimberly Booth                 http://thepinkmartiniboutique.blogspot.com/
Sherri Stokey                    http://www.knotjustmacrame.com
Tanya McGuire                  http://www.tanyamcguire.blogspot.com/ 
Debbie Rasmussen             http://kepirasmussen.blogspot.com/
Christine Stonefield             http://sweetgirldesign.blogspot.com/
Tanty Sri Hartani                http://tjewellicious.blogspot.com/
Sandra McGriff                  http://skyescreativechaos.blogspot.com/
Stanziano              http://lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com/
Evelyn Shelby                     http://raindropcreationsbyevelyn.blogspot.com/

Colene Waltermire              https://www.facebook.com/groups/426147797447039/?fref=ts
Lee Nova                          

Facebook Group Posts          


Toltec Jewels is an author by day, jewelry maker by night. Her literary work is housed by the San Fransisco MOMA and is published internationally in popular magazines, literary quarterlies, and university publications. She has won a number of awards for literary and jewelry arts. She is happiest making handcrafted jewelry with her entire family, snuggling with her doggies and grandkids, sewing, singing, reading, and learning jewelry techniques. She is the host of Jewel School Friends, a community of expert and emerging artisans taking inspiration from each other and Jewel School. Join her on Facebook for networking, fundraising for Beads of Courage, jewelry making challenges, contests, give-a-ways and of course, cool beads and jewelry!


  1. Wow, Rita! What an amazing list of prizes and talented group of participants!

  2. Thank you Sherri :)
    I'm super excited and honored by all the talented artists, like you, who are participating! Thank you. It's going be a super FUN 46th birthday for me. Love Halloween and Autumn!

  3. Happy Birthday Rita♥
    Hi you all,
    I published mine October Fest creation:)
    You find it from address

  4. i just read that you are celebrating 46 years of life today. wow..i wish i could trade with you and go back to being 46...well sort of. the main reason i would like to go back there is because i would be 7 years younger and lots of pounds thinner....lmao!!!!! thanks for hosting the blog hop today...it was my first and i have to say that it was a mixed bag of participation. i did see some very nice stuff done and got some ideas for a blog of my own (someday). thanks again for hosting and i hope u had a fabulous birthday!!!!!

    namaste my friend!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Wishing you a super birthday Rita!!
    what a LOT of goods and great LOTS! wowsa!!

  6. Rita - the hop turned out great, and the prize list is awesome, too! Hope you had a super birthday!

  7. Thanks for hosting such a fun hop - lots of great recipes , fall decor and so much beautiful jewelry! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

  8. Rita-Thank you for creating this blog hop. I loved the theme and had a blast. I also you like to thank all of the artists that donated prizes. I am very thrilled to have won a focal by Christine Hoffer of BeadFreaky.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  9. Wow..! Awesome..!
    Thanks so much Rita...*hug*
    Congratulation to all participants..!

  10. I had so much fun doing the blog hop! Thank you for all that you do!!

  11. Thank you for a fun challenge as well as the prizes offered. Now the question is: How do I redeem my FM gift certificate?

  12. Hello Winners,

    If you won a gift certificate, the info will be emailed to you.

    I will be emailing winners for snail-mail info to send prizes.

    Zoe, when I added more prizes to make sure everyone won, I added an extra, evidently! Please don't worry about it, enjoy both :)

    If anyone is NOT LISTED for a prize, please message me or comment. It is very important to me that everyone wins. I am one of those people who never wins in blog hops or comment give-a-ways, lol, and I wanted this hop to be FUN and special for everyone: YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!

    Thank you with all my love and appreciation for being a part of October Fest 2012!

    Fly well,

  13. Now I understand Rita;)
    Thank You♥

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  15. What a fun hop! It was quite a different pace from creating a piece of jewelry, etc. I hope you had a great birthday and thank you for the fantastic button! I already have plans for it!

  16. Hope you had an amazing cake day. I really enjoyed sharing my favs of October.. Thank you so much for the wonderful prize. Congrats all.

  17. Oh You precious lady! A wonderful, wonderful Happy Birthday wish, and a HUGE Thank you for my winnings! And, yes, I'm crying happy tears, I'm sappy that way. :)

  18. Head smack. I totally forgot there were prizes. I feel like it's my birthday too. Wow. I love my button...soon to be a pendant.

  19. Thank so much Rita for hosting this spectacular blog hop. If you ever need anything, please let me know.

  20. Wow, did not expect to win anything! :) This is too cool...will have to think long and hard about what to make with the wonderful beads...thanks so much!! Evelyn


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