Oct 31, 2012

October Fest Winners! Check the Prize List :)

Sorry this was just a sparse link yesterday ... I mean such a succinct post yesterday ;)

Yesterday I created a beautiful update for the List of Participants and Prizes page, with links to each winners' blog and lots of thanks and praise for each post and the AMAZING BLOG HOP WE HAD!!! Wow, your posts are so gorgeous, cool, creative, yummy, warm, beautiful, and amazing!!

Of course, you know how I've had lots of trouble with the scissors... I mean, the computer? Well, I learned  updating a page doesn't SAVE any of the changes until you actually hit the UPDATE button. So after two and a half hours -- and just as I was almost done creating a fabulous update by my 9:30 PM goal -- FireFox suddenly closed on me with no warning, and poof! .... it was all gone. Luckily, I'd emailed myself the random.org list of winners so the Halloween spirit and true winners' destiny remained intact. When I started the update again, I posted simple names above prizes and made it by about 11:30,  just before the end of the Halloween magic!

So, the prizes are now matched with the winning artists. Are you winner? Did you get a treat for Halloween?

Of course, I think you are all winners!! The best! You all rock!
Thank you for the coolest birthday in a kinda rough year, and for all your joy, beauty, and friendship.
Happy Halloween, my friends :)



  1. OMG, that's a beautiful focal! Thank you & congrats to all the winners!

  2. Yay! I won something, but wait it says that I won tow things, that can't be right. *confused face*

  3. I won, I won, and so many others, too :-D What a happy face I see in the mirror :-D
    Thank you so much,Rita, it has been so great to see all the new blogs, too!

  4. Hello Winners,

    If you won a gift certificate, the info will be emailed to you.

    I will be emailing winners for snail-mail info to send prizes.

    Zoe, when I added more prizes to make sure everyone won, I added an extra, evidently! Please don't worry about it, enjoy both :)

    If anyone is NOT LISTED for a prize, please message me or comment. It is very important to me that everyone wins. I am one of those people who never wins in blog hops or comment give-a-ways, lol, and I wanted this hop to be FUN and special for everyone: YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!

    Thank you with all my love and appreciation for being a part of October Fest 2012!

    Fly well,

  5. It was a fun hop, Rita! Thank you for putting it all together AND for the prizes!


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